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Chris Muriithi protests Ghana anti-gay bill

 Chris Muriithi

Media personality Chris Muriithi formerly known as Makena Njeri has taken to social media to protest the anti-gay bill in Ghana, terming it as a strategy used by individuals in power to siphon money from innocent LGBT African members.

Sharing her sentiments on Instagram, the Bold Network Africa founder questioned why anyone would want to lock up gay people for what she described as merely existing.

“Not a very good morning, a serious violation of human rights. Why do some humans hate other humans so badly they would pass a law to jail them for barely existing? Aren’t the law makers the problem? What did a gay person ever do to harm others? Are they murderers, thieves, rapists, terrorists to be jailed?” she questioned.

Chris went on to state that law makers care less for their country people’s welfare and only base their decisions on the benefits they will pocket.   

“Many African countries who tend to move this war are usually the ones with the worst economic performance in the region. For those people who actually see this bill and actually think this law makers care about protecting, ‘family values’, I hate to burst your bubble today. The truth is they don’t care.

“This is a well-funded and organized mission by the American/ Europe Evangelicals who are on a mission to colonize and control Africa once again. They use LGBT individuals as targets to divide and rule. They preach hate in churches and use your tithe to fund this projects that violate the rights of LGBT Africans! Meanwhile the leaders pocket that money and the corruption cycle continues,” she added.

The social media personality promised to break down what she believes goes on behind anti-gay laws that are passed by law makers.

“One day when I have time I will break it all down for y’all, the whole entire plot. For now we stand in solidarity with queer Ghanaians. This is not the first time in history that we have been pushed back but we won’t fall no matter what. We have work to do!” she concluded.

Chris’s upsurge comes as a result of Ghana’s new bill that aims to penalize individuals involved in LGBTQ sexual activities and those advocating for the rights of gay, lesbian, or other non-traditional sexual or gender identities with imprisonment.

If approved, the bill will be categorized under one of the most severe of its kind in Africa.

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