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Mwalimu Rachael says she warned Miracle Baby to quit drinking

 A collage of Mwalimu Rachel  and Miracle Baby.

Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachael has confirmed knowledge of former Sailors group member Miracle Baby’s ailment.

Speaking during a recent interview with an online media platform, the former music group manager disclosed that she advised the singer to quit drinking and eat healthier but was unsure if he heeded her advice.  

“I wish miracle baby quick recovery. He had that problem even when I was still his manager. It was in its early stages I think. He had shared that issue with me. I believe a big chunk of what will contribute to being healthier is the change in lifestyle and this is something I also told him. So don’t drink, I guess he stopped, eat healthier… I know now where it has gotten, it’s probably advanced. I am not a doctor or a medical expert. I just knew it was something to do with his stomach. I thought at first it was ulcers that maybe went too far but I wish him quick recovery,” she shared.

Discharged from hospital

Miracle Baby, real name Peter Mwangi was recently discharged from hospital after Kenyans came together to help him offset his Sh1.4 million medial bill.

The former gengetone artist had earlier through his Instagram asked fans to help him offset the bill that accrued over the two month he was admitted in hospital following his ailment.

“Hae guys miracle baby is still in the hospital due to the unpaid bill please continue supporting us the bill is at 1.4m we have 2 months now in the hospital,” read the post.

With the help of comedian Eric Omondi, Kenyans were able to raise money that facilitated his discharge.

“God is happy!!! May god bless everyone that sent anything...god sees you. Our brother is out of hospital after 60 days because of you. Team sisi kwa sisi yaani mkisemanga ni leo lazima ikue leo. A very big thank you to miracle baby's wife carol katrue, yaani huyu msichana aliamua lazima bwana yake arudi home, she stuck by him day and night. God bless you guys,” Eric wrote.

According to his wife Katrue, Miracle Baby developed his stomach issue back in 2018 and was constantly in and out of hospital before going into surgery to remove a growth spotted in his stomach.

“He has been having stomach issues since 2018 when he went for the first surgery. The doctors said they were removing that growth, they did a CT scan, and they said things were blocking, so they did the surgery,” she said in a previous interview.

Unfortunately for him, the problem reoccurred forcing him to continue in the search of finding a permanent medical solution and eventually ended up having three surgeries and is now in a better condition.

“In May, his problems returned. We returned to the same hospital, and they asked us to do an Ultrasound. They could not see his appendix. Then we did a CT Scan. It emerged that the other hospital removed his appendix.

“On Wednesday last week, his stomach was swollen; he couldn’t eat. He couldn’t go to the toilet. He went for an emergency surgery. They found intestines zimepasuka, zikamwaga choo kwa tumbo. Tumbo ikasaifishwa. So they stitched him up, then found the wound was leaking something,” she narrated.

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