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Susan Kaittany opens up about being skinny-shamed

  Real Housewives of Nairobi cast member Susan Kaittany. (Courtesy)

Susan Kaittany, the owner of Posh Palace and a cast member of Real Housewives of Nairobi, has opened up about her experiences of being body shamed for being skinny.

As a skinny girl growing up, Susan was constantly told that she needed to eat more and gain weight. However, instead of letting these negative comments bring her down, Susan used them as motivation to pursue her dreams of becoming a model and a beauty queen.

In a recent Instagram post, Susan shared her journey of how she overcame the challenges of body shaming and learned to love herself. She said, "Through the tears and the pain, I knew I had to do it to show the world that skinny is great, it's how I was made and it's A-okay to look like me."

Susan also spoke about how she represented her country on the world stage, walking the runway with confidence and grace. Despite facing criticism and negative comments from people, she never lost sight of her dreams and continued to work hard to achieve her goals.

"Despite the pain and tears I endured, I grew stronger and bolder, and I am proud of the woman I have become," Susan wrote. As she approaches her 40th birthday, she feels more confident than ever before and is set to strut the biggest fashion shows in the world.

Susan's message is one of empowerment and positivity. She wants to inspire young girls and women to love their bodies, no matter their shape or size. "To all the little girls, to my daughters, your body is perfect, my loves, tall or short, skinny or chubby," she said. "You can exercise because it's okay to tone even when you're skinny, and no, you don't need to eat more. You are your own kind of beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. There's only one you, always and forever."

In addition to sharing her own story, Susan also addressed the issue of body shaming and emphasized that it's damaging and toxic. "We need to stop being tone deaf. It's not right, it's wrong, and it's toxic," she said. "Thick, thin, you're gorgeous all the same. We are us, you are you. Perfect."

Susan's message serves as a reminder that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, and that we should all embrace and celebrate our differences.

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