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Dear God, please resurrect romance, ruthless Kenyan men killed it!


Dinner date

Two weeks ago something out of the ordinary happened; romance was spotted somewhere in Kenya!

The engagement of popular fashion blogger ThisIsEss aka Sharon Mundia by her fiancé Lonina Leteipan had tongues wagging and almost ‘broke the Internet’, at least in Kenya. Yes, that is how rare romance is here.

This is because these days romance is such a rarity, just ask any woman and I assure you that she will attest to this. All most of us get from our men is mundane and basic displays of affection, nothing fantastic.

I do not know who Sharon’s fiancé is, but I was impressed. He took something as simple as an engagement and threw out of the window all the clichés that every other Kenyan man seems to copy, to come up with his own standout ceremony that was unique to him and his woman.

That is why I believe every other Kenyan man should take a page out of Lonina’s book. In fact, maybe he should hold a conference and give some tips to our men because majority haven’t got a clue what the word romance means.

So you can just imagine the kind of romance crimes most Kenyan women suffer at the hands of our men. Put in another way, it is atrocious.

For some women, the most romantic thing their man has ever done for them is pay for a meal. And that is if you are lucky enough not to date a cheap skate who wants to go dutch on a date!

Men who have never heard of courtship, and believe they deserve sex simply because they took a woman out on one date and paid for dinner!

Noisy, dingy clubs

Kenyan women have endured everything; from dates who do not open doors for their women; to jokers who do not drop women home after a date; to clowns who take women to noisy, dingy clubs or bars for a date; to those who do not understand the art of conversation and don’t have the courtesy to keep off social media while on a date; to others who do not remember to celebrate their women’s birthdays or relationship anniversaries, etc.

And yes, I know romance has become a dwindling phenomeon worldwide but our Kenyan men have taken it a notch lower.

Because while romance may be in a coma in other parts of the world awaiting resuscitation someday soon, down here in Kenya our men have not only killed it, they’ve buried it!

Grandiose gestures

l am so tired of hearing men saying that romance is overrated and only found in Hollywood movies.

What they don’t realise is that romance is not always about grandiose gestures; it is about a man going out of his way to make his woman feel special. It can be as simple as making dinner for the woman you love instead of hanging out at the bar with the boys.

I mean, which woman would not want to be romanced, to feel that she is the centre of her man’s world? So men, women have had enough of the lazy dating that has become synonymous with the Kenyan scene.

Why should a woman have to beg her man to call her, or for him to take her out on a romantic dinner date, or sadly wait for Valentine’s Day for her man to buy her a rose?

Why in heavens name should any woman have to beg to be shown love or only experience romance vicariously by watching chick flicks?

Dear God, please resurrect romance. Women are suffering!


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