Beer served in glasses
                                                                                     Photo: Courtesy

Talent as they say is God given; but I think there is talent and extra-ordinary talent!

Talent exists almost everywhere, but extra-ordinary talent exists only in extra-ordinary places and it’s gifted to extra-ordinary people.

Think of this situation: you find yourself in a company of friends and really need to quench your thirst that’s really itching and can’t find a bottle opener. What will you do?  Use the table edge or your teeth, perhaps?

Well, a similar situation came into play in Spain, and one partygoer really left his thirsty click of friends astonished and baffled when he unleashed his rather extra-ordinary skills of opening a beer bottle.

He placed the beer bottle between his buttocks, tightly squeezed the two bum cheeks, and when he pulled out the bottle, voila-the top flicked off. Totally amusing or disgusting; depends on your perception of the same.

He then proceeded to share the drink with his friends who were now in stitches.

You can catch up with this funny piece on YouTube where the man uploaded the recording of the action a fortnight ago. The forty-one second clip has over 1 million views since its upload date on 19th January.

I think this needs to go down in the World Guinness Book of Records for extra-ordinary talent and effort.

However, the big question is: would you want to drink from the bottle after knowing where it’s been?