Timofey Klevakin [Photo: YouTube screengrab]

While most 11-year-olds are mostly concerned with school, video games, and surfing the web, Timofey Klevakin, from rural Russia, is busy training in the gym and breaking weightlifting records.

Ever since he was five years old, Timofey was interested in weightlifting, watching his father train at a makeshift gym in their home village of Shalya, in the Ural Mountains.

Timofey Klevakin [Photo: YouTube screengrab]

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Noticing his boy’s interest, Arseny Klevakin started training him, despite his wife’s protests over concerns that he was too young.

At the age of six, during a regional weightlifting competition, Timofey amazed attendants and judges by deadlifting a 55-kilogramme barbell.

Timofey Klevakin [Photo: YouTube screengrab]

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He’s been working hard ever since, and the now 11-year-old is getting ready to break the national deadlift record for his weight class by lifting a 105-kilogramme barbell.