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A police officer based at Nanyuki Police Station is admitted at Mathari Hospital in Nyeri County with serious injuries after he jumped off the window of his house at the police quarters.

According to Laikipia County Police Commander Maxwell Nyaema, the officer, an administrator at his office, was asleep when he jumped off the window of his house at the police lines at night while sleepwalking.

“At about 2200 hours in Nanyuki police lines, an officer, Harrison Karagu while sleeping alone in his room is believed to have dreamt and jumped through the window. As a result, he sustained deep cuts on his both arms and legs,” said Nyaema.

Nyaema said the officer was rushed to Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital for first aid before being transferred to Mathari Hospital.

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He ruled out any possibility of the officer trying to commit suicide, saying that he was a very hardworking and a responsible officer.

“I wish to dispel any speculation on what happened on Monday night. Karagu was never depressed or frustrated.

“People should desist from such thinking and mentality,” said Nyaema. He said that the officer was in stable condition.

A colleague, who did not wish to be named because he is not authorized to address the media, said Karagu could not have attempted to commit suicide as he could have chosen to jump from the rooftop of the three-storey building.

“He used to live on the second floor of the same house but he never did such a thing. He must have been sleepwalking when the accident occurred,” said the officer.

He said Karagu was spotted at the police canteen at around 9pm taking his supper before going to sleep and was in a jovial mood.