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Is it the nature of men not to accept being wrong? Is it an African thing or does it only afflict our Ugandan brothers?

Someone should tell them that being able to recognise one’s shortcomings is a virtue. Once you accept that you have a fault, you can move to correct it.

Now we are seeing the birth of a whole new movement of young and not-so-young men who are determined to remain lousy lovers, even after being shown the truth that they are indeed wanting in matters love.

The exposure of their shortcoming was started by a woman who has recently been in the news, Rehema Namakula. She is a popular musician who recently found new love after separating from top musician Eddie Kenzo.

She composed a song in appreciation of her new man for saving her from ‘love niggers’. From the context, it is clear that a ‘love nigger’ is a lousy male lover who either uses and dumps women or keeps a girlfriend for a long time without making a commitment.

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He wants the pleasures but is not capable of giving back enough to make the woman happy. But long before Rehema, a real diva Iryn Namubiru had released a sweet, melodious song trying to educate men men that what women desire are not grand riches but little things that show you care.

“Even if you give her the moon and the sun along with their title deeds but you don’t treat her tenderly she will not be fully won over,” Iryn crooned a few years back. The Iryn’s message apparently never sunk in.

So the wild girl of the moment, Winnie Nuwagi who dances provocatively but still sings very well, tried to drive the message home more directly.

Her song ‘Your thing is lacking’ that came a year later admonished the men who really do not know how to make a woman happy. But instead of taking her criticism seriously, many men thought they were doing fine.

One Kampala sly ‘king’ even leaked a nude video of himself ‘in action’, hoping to embarrass the conservative lady he was with but who did not know there were hidden cameras in the room.

The video backfired badly. For like a child who thinks his mother is the best cook because he has not tasted the food cooked by other women, the male socialite was unaware that he is undersized in the vital area.

Whoever saw the sick video focused on his ‘shortcoming’ rather than the poor lady. Many women said he has no ‘game’.

Now, the lousy lovers brigade, after being described as ‘love niggers’, they have decided to treat the label as a badge of honour. So they have formed the love niggers’ movement.

They are planning an annual general meeting and are already sponsoring a concert, to which all who are proud to be identified as lousy lovers are invited.