There is a crop of women who are not taking any beating from the weather. These types insist on flaunting acres of skin.

We are now truly in the Armageddon that the Kenya Meteorological Department warned us about a couple of weeks back. We took some convincing but when it finally came, the weathermen need not have spoken; Mother Nature has been doing all the talking for them.

Unfortunately, even as Mother Nature wreaks havoc, there is a crop of women who are not taking any beating from the weather.

These types insist on flaunting acres of skin. They have opted for what we call 'the supermarket approach', where everything is on display!

This breed of damsels will go to any length not to conceal what they feel are their God-given assets. In their desperate attempt to look 'hot', these girls would rather flirt with acute pneumonia than wear warm clothing, which they fear makes them appear ‘uncool’.

The bold decision to wear the kind of skimpy clothes that could see you lying on a cold slab in the morgue is called ‘freeze and shine’.

I am not a fashionista, but I’m reliably informed by fashion-conscious female friends that you need not freeze yourself to death just to get noticed.

You can wear and combine clothes that will keep you warm on the inside and hot on the outside.

So why do these women risk their health in their attempt to look hot? “It is called the ‘dare factor,” a friend tells me.

Take, for instance, Nairobi, or any other major town - there are thousands of women who want to be noticed or want to grab the imaginations of hungry members of 'Team Mafisi'.

From their body language, you can tell they are itching to expose their legs, breasts and tummies.

Those who are able to pull off the ‘dare factor’ in the face of biting cold are admired by fellow women. These are the tough girls who do not let the vagaries of weather mess up with their fashion sense.

Their argument is that weather patterns are no longer predictable, so if you allow your fashion sense to be determined by the weather, you will look out of place all the time.

Who wants to be found in knee-length boots then the sun decides to come visiting? The business of looking hot or cool, depending on which side of the divide you are on, is too serious to be left to erratic daily weather patterns.

Women do not wake up in the morning and fish out whatever their hand lands upon in the wardrobe.

Dressing to impress is a well-rehearsed practice that takes place days prior to the actual event. In fact, most girls by the weekend already know what they will wear every day throughout the week, rain or no rain!