First, I will make sure that there is no way the photo would ever be linked to me (Photo: Stock)

Sexting is a messy endeavor that is frankly not even worth the trouble. However, this hasn’t stopped people from doing it. In today’s dating culture, sending and receiving risqué photos has become the norm.

I don’t fancy myself jumping onto that bandwagon anytime soon. As a young, single woman who is trying to navigate the dating scene, I get a lot of requests from men to send them pictures of myself in various forms of undress.

At times, I come across tactless and irksome men who send me unsolicited pictures of their nether regions hoping I will reciprocate.

My answer is always a firm ‘no, not even in your wildest dreams’ but, who knows, maybe one day I will acquiesce to these requests.

However, knowing the risks sending such pictures entail, I will be sure to take some precautions. Here is how I plan to protect myself in case I decide to send nudes.

First, I will make sure that there is no way the photo would ever be linked to me. It baffles me when I see leaked nude pictures of women with their faces in full view for all the world to see.

Do you have any identifiable marks like scars or birth marks? (Photo: Stock)

Haven’t you girls learned anything? Two words; plausible deniability.

Before you hit send on that naked selfie, you should ask yourself this question: If ever this photo was to be leaked, would you be able to successfully convince people that it is not you in the picture?

It is not just about cropping your face out of the photo anymore. People have got crazy detective skills on these Internet streets!

Do you have any identifiable marks like scars or birth marks? Cover them up or make sure they are not visible on the photos. What about the background of the picture? Any interesting wallpaper or unique features in the house?

Even something as inconspicuous as your bed can be your downfall. If you have other regular pictures on the same background, it won’t take people long to put two and two together and conclude that is indeed you on those salacious photos.

I plan on going a step further and getting one of those fake, washable tattoos especially for my nude photo op. This way, if some jilted ex ever came out of the woodwork with nude photos, swearing on his mama’s grave that it is me, I would confidently say it is not me in the picture. "He is crazy! I don’t have a butterfly tattoo on my lower back!"

Lastly, I would make sure I have leverage (Photo: Courtesy)

I will also make sure that my nude photos look nice and tasteful. A lot of these leaked nude photos floating around the Internet leave a lot to be desired. They are sleazy and not flattering at all!

If my nude photos ever get leaked and I am positively identified as the person in the pictures, I would want them to be so good that I would be proud. Staging and lighting is everything! I would make sure I get my best angles.

When you decide to send a naked selfie, you should always assume that everyone is going to see it and then take appropriate actions to ensure that you take pictures you would not be embarrassed about.

Lastly, I would make sure I have leverage. Here is where reciprocation comes into play. Before sending my nude photos to a man, I would make him send me his first. It would be even better if I manipulate him into sending a dirty photo where he is easily identifiable.

Then later I would matter-of-factly inform him that he better not think of leaking my nude pictures because I got his too and I wouldn’t hesitate to leak them as well.