Men have been multi-dating since time immemorial but women seem to struggle with this concept.

It is time to put an end to the age-old debate about whether or not dating multiple people at once is cheating. Many women are of the opinion that there is an implied consent to exclusivity once you accept to a single date with a man.

This means that if you accept to go out to dinner with Steve today, it would be morally wrong to go out for drinks with Paul tomorrow.

This kind of reasoning is illogical. There is nothing wrong with dating multiple people at the same time.

People often confuse these two but there is a huge difference between dating someone and being in a relationship with someone.

While it is okay to date multiple people at the same time, it is morally wrong to see other people when you are in a relationship with someone.

Dating is the first step in a romantic union and it refers to the time two people spend getting to know each other and figuring out whether they have chemistry and if they are compatible.

When you agree to a date with someone, it doesn’t automatically mean that the person will become your boyfriend. You might find out after a few dates that you are not compatible for whatever reason or sparks simply fail to fly.

The second step in a romantic union is the relationship.

A relationship comes to life when two people have dated for a while and discovered that they have chemistry and are compatible and decide to take the next step by making their union official by committing to each other.

It is acceptable and even encouraged to date multiple people at once if you are hoping to find a life partner. Men have been multi-dating since time immemorial but women seem to struggle with this concept.

Like I pointed out, dates don’t always pan out. A guy who sounds great on paper might turn out to be dull and uninteresting in real life. When this happens, it is always good to have options.

Dating should be a learning experience and what better way to learn about what you like and what you don’t like than dating a lot of people at once? Not only is it a lot of fun but it is also a good way of weeding out jokers. If Steve is inviting you over for Netflix and chill and Paul wants to take you out on a romantic candle lit dinner, you know what the smart pick is.

This also means you will never have to settle.

When you have a choice of three or more date offers, you pick the best option for you as opposed to when you only have one guy taking you out and you have to settle for whatever mediocre date he is offering you because you don’t have another option.

Another great advantage of multi-dating is that you will never get too invested in the wrong guys.

If one guy turns out to be a waste of your time, it won’t hurt as much because you will have a few other men lined up.

You should only stop accepting dates from other men when you meet that special man that you want to commit to. Until then, have fun.