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I don’t understand why metrosexual men get such a bad rap in dating. To be quite honest with you, I would take a metrosexual man over these scruffy and dishevelled men any day. And no, metrosexual men are not gay.

Contrary to popular beliefs, men can care about fashion, be concerned about their appearance and not be gay. There’s a lot more to metrosexuality than well-fitting clothes and an exfoliated face.

A metrosexual person is described as a man who is especially meticulous about his grooming and appearance, typically spending a significant amount of time and money on shopping as part of this.

A lot of people look down on metrosexual men because we have been conditioned to believe that it is only women who should put a lot of effort into their appearance.  Metrosexual men are more often than not dismissed as queer but they are not. Here are three advantages of dating a metro man.   

He is easy on the eyes

If there is one thing that applies to metrosexuals is that they take great pride in their appearance. It is true what they say; physical appearance is everything. No one understands this better than a metrosexual man. A metro man strives to look his best at all times.

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He is neat, tidy and attractive down to the smallest details. I don’t know about you but I can’t resist a well-groomed man. A man who cares about his appearance and puts a lot of effort in it is a nice change from the unshaven, shabby, unkempt men we have to contend with.

Most of these ‘masculine’ men society keeps trying to shove down our throats can’t even be bothered to put on a fresh pair of underwear when meeting up with you. I don’t care if he has more beauty products than me. If he looks good, I am happy.

He is fashionable

Another great thing about dating a metrosexual man is that you never have to worry about him showing up for a date or an important occasion dressed like a hobo. The word ‘underdressed’ doesn’t exist in his vocabulary. Metro me have impeccable style and taste.

They will show up dressed to the nines even if it is just a casual brunch. Meanwhile, your ‘macho’ boyfriend can’t even be bothered to wear matching socks. A metro man knows how to coordinate his outfits and he knows which outfits are best suited for certain occasions.

You know what the best part is? You never have to put up with him sulking when you drag him to the mall for an afternoon of shopping. Metro men love shopping! (Probably a lot more than you but who cares?) Metro men do what they want, buy what they want and enjoy what they want regardless of whether some people might consider these things ‘gay’.

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He keeps a healthy lifestyle

A metro man wouldn’t be caught dead with a beer gut or a double chin. Unlike your manly boyfriend, metro men are not the type to lounge in the house all day guzzling copious amounts of alcohol and chomping on greasy fast food.

They know that a fit and healthy body is key to having impossibly good looks. Therefore, expect his fridge well-stocked with healthy foods and also expect him to have a rigid work out plan. When you date a metro man, you are pretty much guaranteed that he will never let himself go and will always be in tip top shape.