Even the wives of these amorous rich men are aware that their husbands are involved with young girls.

It is easy for the rich to have their cake and eat it. Nowhere else is this evident than on matters cheating. Compared to a poor man, chances of a rich unfaithful man getting caught are low. They cheat rather clinically and are hardly caught because they can afford to cover their tracks neatly.

As we discovered, the rich have taken infidelity to a whole new level, and are now co-owning secret apartments where they transact their ‘businesses. Meanwhile, what would you call a house used by men for a quick release of sexual tension? A brothel would be befitting. A whore House may be a little stretched. But the rich men will call them exquisite names like, condo, penthouse, chalet or cortege. Names that only espouse affluence and beauty.

Welcome to post-dictatorship Nairobi. Where business is booming and millions of shillings exchange hands before the sun goes down. Where men will cut business deals on the same table they will desecrate their marriages on: in a condo they share in a futile race to out-sex the rest of humanity.

Illicit activities

And so, to clean the act, to give it noble status, the plutocrats have devised sly methods to continue with their covert affairs, and in the process managing to put the stench of their illicit activities beyond their wives’ noses. That is why there seems to be a mushrooming of apartments under group ownership; a tight circle of millionaires. They alert each other when one gets lucky and manages to bring over a girl.

“It is a man’s world. If the man is rich then it is his universe. He gets what he wants and how he wants it,” says Leah* (not her real name), a university student. Her lithe beauty is the light that pulls in rich businessmen who, as she puts it, “want a piece of me.” She is something of a wonk when it comes to matters rich men and their sex lives. And why wouldn’t she be? She is the woman wives married to men dripping of cash have nightmares over. Leah is not famous (yet) but there is no doubt that she possesses ‘socialite’ qualifications.

“He is rich. He has clout. He knows the high and mighty – he is also one of them. He has a wife and children who are well taken care of behind steel gates; in a bungalow surrounded by well-manicured lawns. He is busy; always attending to business meetings. He wants sex and good time with beautiful and young girls. But he also needs to protect his position in society as well as keep the encounter discreet to spare his wife and children the humiliation,” Leah says.

Moneyed, wild-eyes men

She is not ashamed of her exploits with rich men. It was by chance that she got entangled with a certain Mweshimiwa. She had been invited to present a business idea at an apartment where he was waiting. What she didn’t envisage was that the business would include a ‘birthday suit’ arrangement.

“I guessed that he had a family somewhere. Initially I thought he wanted me for a girlfriend or a second wife. But then, one night he introduced me to other members of his circle,” she recalls. She met the clique of moneyed wild-eyed men hungry for fun time with young women in the apartment. Leah would end up sleeping with two others in this group.

“So, I gave up on fairy-tale romance and I am now making money.” She professes that it is relatively easy to transact business with rich men. Partly because the rewards are juicier, compared to what an average man in need of quick ‘deal’ would offer. Plus, she says, the rich man only wants twenty minutes of her time. In five of those, most of the work will be over.

When you meet Francis*, a real estate mogul, in his slim tie and imported suit, you wouldn’t think that he has skeletons in his closet. At 40, he feels young and ready to live life to the fullest. After all he has built an empire in the last ten years. The millions he has made in profits pay for his lavish lifestyle.

With an ego larger than his protruding abdomen, Francis does not mince his words. “Every man loves women! It is only the poor man who limits himself to one woman – if any,” he giggles, confessing that he co-owns an apartment with two of his friends which serve not just as an office but a venue for their sexual escapades.

Upmarket villas

According to Wandia Maina, a psychologist, sheer wealth can be a cathartic spark for a man’s inner longings. Before long everything comes out erupting like an excited volcano.

Penthouses and chalets at times are used to hold parties for the high and mighty.

Having been in the business of building houses and creating property, Francis is aware just how important an undisclosed property would be for a rich man who wants the comforts of a young bosom while building a family that remains oblivious to this fact elsewhere.

“Think of it as a place for vacation,” he says. “This is where this man – or men – visit to have fun and to relax away from the busy life and the boring home environment.” It is not all futile though. As it turns out, the insatiable appetite to deflower young girls at clandestine upmarket villas creates business for others too.

The rich man will need a caretaker and cleaner for the house; a trusted taxi driver to send out when he needs one of his female subjects to be ferried over; a chauffeur to move around business clients. And sometimes a doctor to test the girls for venereal diseases.

But penthouses and chalets at times are used to hold parties for the high and mighty. Such parties, awash with impish young college going beauties looking for quick cash and a feel of the power the rich exude, often turn into mass copulation orgies, giving new meaning to life on the fast lane.

“Nairobi’s night life is booming, now more than ever. And the rich in our society want a piece of it. These powerful people will pay thousands of shillings, just so that beautiful girls can be invited to attend. Whatever happens in those places, like in Vegas, stays there,” says Vanesa*, a 24-year-old who calls herself a ‘night entertainer’.

According to Vanesa, even the wives of these amorous rich men are aware that their husbands are involved with young girls, there is nothing they can do. “They too married these men because of their affluence,” she says. The putrefying rooms of a brothel no longer hold any appeal. Entertainment joints can’t offer exclusive spaces.

So, if you expect to bust your cheating rich partner at a lodging, you will wait till Jesus Christ comes back; penthouses, chalets and condos are the place to lay an ambush.