Even as students from other institutions burn their schools, we are yet to experience the same at Meta Meta. We, however, continue to experince a few cases of indiscipline.

Tony and four other boys were sent home Tuesday last week for engaging in indecent behaviour. They had whistled, made catcalls at a parent.

The beautiful and young looking mother to Liz of 3G had walked into school at break time. Her sight made the boys start whistling and making catcalls as she walked towards Okonkwo’s office.

“Msupa uko poa!” shouted one and blew her a kiss. Annoyed, she stormed into Okonkwo’s office. She demanded to know whether she had brought her daughter to a learning institution or a ghetto neighbourhood.

The principal, irritable after staying the whole night out patrolling the school compound against any possible case of arson, jumped out of his seat.

Unfortunately for the boys, Franco who was on duty had witnessed the whole saga. Too preoccupied with whistling and ogling, they didn’t notice him sneak up on them.

He ordered them to stop. As soon as they saw him, they tried to flee. He grabbed two boys.

The two were frog matched to Okonkwo’s office just as the latter was marching out. “These are the rascals!” Liz’s mother screamed.

Okonkwo breathing like an injured buffalo grabbed Tony by his tie and almost choked him as he dragged him to his office. Within no time, they had named their partners in mischief. Okonkwo dictated a brief and precise letter to Sue, the secretary.

The boys were to go home and return on Friday at 12pm. Each had to be accompanied by his mother.

Indeed the matter of boys whistling and ogling at young ladies had reached serious levels. Lady teachers on teaching practice at Meta Meta know no peace.

The boys have drawn their caricatures in exercise books and their toilet walls. The TP teachers had complained during a staff brief.

However, Okonkwo waved away their complaints by advising them to be dressed decently if they expected to be respected by the students. “Some of you dress like slay queens and socialites,” he said curtly.

Then added: “Teaching is not the career for you if you want to look like Vera Sidika or Akothee.”

Magarita, the CU patron and HOD guidance and counseling nodded in agreement and whispered a fairly audible Amen! If margarita had her way, all female teachers would be draped in kilometres of religious linen.

Now the matter of boys whistling and ogling at ladies had come back to haunt Okonkwo. An infuriated Okonkwo during the next day’s morning assembly read the riot act to the students.


“It will even be a serious crime if you are seen smiling at female teachers, especially the ones on TP,” he warned. Last Friday when the culprits reported back, a school assembly was convened.

All members of staff including Jezebel and her fellow cooks were in attendance. The mothers of the culprits were asked to pass in front of the assembly, each at a time.

Okonkwo ordered Tony and his friends to whistle and ogle at their mothers!

They were unable to execute the task and had to apologise to the entire school community for tainting the, otherwise, good name of Meta Meta.