We live in a world where potential employers only want people with 30 years of experience

Egerton University students graduated a couple weeks ago. In their thousands. Men and women wore that fancy hat we all wish to wear someday and collected the efforts of their four-five-six years in campus.

All those memories came flooding down their minds at the end of that ceremony when it hit them that they were no longer campus students and, most importantly, that they were now adults faced with the uphill task of figuring out how to start paying taxes.

The most recent to graduate are JKUAT students. Again, in their thousands, those chaps would have worn the (in) famous hat. My Mum has always wished for me to wear that hat, I hope my turn will come sometime soon. But, for now, I will sit back and watch those whose clocks are already up.

I will watch them, in their hats, laugh and rejoice with their families, say “goodbye” to their now ex-colleagues and celebrate and get out into the world hoping to become men and women of mettle.

If you're one of those JKUAT or Egerton chaps or someone from any other campus going to graduate in the coming weeks, then this piece is for you. I'm going to give you the advice my father gave me before a monster called Cancer chewed him up. So listen (or read) carefully.

First, nobody is going to employ you out there. Hakuna kazi! We live in a world where potential employers only want people with 30 years of experience. This mean that only the Bifwoli Wakolis and Francis Muthauras of this world will ever get jobs.

Hell, Nyeri County was on the spotlight a while back for hiring a 60-year-old woman to head their Youth docket. So don't even waste your time looking for jobs; start creating them, instead.

Secondly; there can never be any bigger monster than paying your own rent and filing tax returns. I can tell you this because I started paying both when I was in second year of college so by now I'm pretty much used to it.

Which means, by the time I get to where you guys are now (wearing that hat) it will not be as new to me as it's going to be for some of you who have been used to receiving upkeep money from their folks. Some of you don't even know how much their rents are because your fathers pay them directly. Now it's time to start dealing with annoying landlords.

Thirdly; and, most importantly, don't get some little money and immediately start thinking of marriage. Take your time. Take time to grow and build. A good wife/husband will come at the right time. That time is not now.

Finally; pay back your goddamn HELB loans. Good luck.