• Do women cry at the burial of their husbands that much because of the fear of the unknown?
  • Do some cry because they fear being disowned by their in-laws?
  • Do they cry because of honest love?

The other day we were having a chilled Saturday afternoon drink waiting to catch some football on TV when one of the boys narrated how he had been at a burial a week before and the surprises that he witnessed on the burial day.

 The poor soul had two women in his life. He had an older woman whom he had three children with, but he had since moved out of the then matrimonial house.

After leaving that woman, he got cosy and settled down with the second woman. He bought her a new house and this was the woman he lived with.

 They had two young children with the ‘second first lady’. But despite the two women having more or less the same stake in this man’s life, it was the younger woman who was falling all over, wailing uncontrollably at the funeral.

So our pal kept wondering, why is the first woman this cold? Could this be the reason she was left and a new woman came into the mix? So it got us thinking.

Of course, our wisdom could have been assisted by the frothy waters that was freely flowing like that Sea of Galilee Baba wants us to cross.

Do women cry at the burial of their husbands that much because of the fear of the unknown? This is possible. But again some widows tend to have a very strong social support at both the church and the family fronts. Yet they still cry a river.

Do some cry because of loss of the bread winner they dearly loved? This is plausible. But again we have seen women who have broken the glass ceiling and hold even more powerful jobs than their deceased husband, yet they still cry as much as the poor widow who has to find ways of fending for her brood upon death of her man.

Do some cry because they feel they should have done something for their hubby, but now he is gone and they didn’t fulfil that need? This could be a solid reason.

But we know that when the man is gone and you owed him a favour, the best way to repay the debt is to throw yourself with all the might at the one or two pet projects that the man really loved.

Do some cry because they fear being disowned by their in-laws? Well this is quite scary. But again most women spend their waking time hating their mother in laws, often dubbing them monsters-in law.

So while you may have loved your man, isn’t this a convenient way to never see that old woman again?

Some women, we agreed would welcome such a relief. It has been argued that some cry because there are mortgages and other commitments and they distrust insurance firms and banks.

While this on paper may look like a genuine concern, don’t we have one of the most progressive judicial systems to make determinations in such a case?

Actually, we are currently being hailed one of the most independent in these parts of the world.

Do they cry because of honest love? Perhaps, but the men alive today will tell you that they don’t feel that strong love that would make their missus almost jump after the coffin once it is lowered into the grave. After a heated and exhaustive debate running into several hours into the night, we nailed it.

The main reason why most women wail and weep to unimaginable levels during their hubbies’ burial is because the man who bolts the door every nightfall is gone. To put it succinctly, the family watchman is gone.