campus girls, take your time, know someone

When I was first getting into campus, friends who had been there before me only told me two things. One; that I was going to drink thousands of litres of alcohol. And, second, that I was going to have a tonne of sex with girls from every walk of life.

Campus is where most folk – boys and girls alike – break their virginity (or was I the only one?) After attending an all-boys/all-girls school for four years of your life, you get to campus and – all of a sudden – you share classrooms and desks with the opposite sex, you live next to each other, you bump into each other every passing day.

A couple months into campus and he's knocking on your door to borrow the latest movie series in town or requesting to use your shower because his broke down.

 Or asking for notes he won't even read and, before you know it, you're inviting the bugger for sleep overs.

One thing turns into another and, one day – while watching 'Chronicles of Zane' – you open your legs up to him for the best sex of your life (probably because it's also your first so you don't exactly know how it is supposed to go).

It becomes a regular thing until you begin to think you're dating yet – to him – you're just 'boning'. Exploring.

And then one day you miss your periods and you mention it to him and in two seconds flat, he will have moved out of those flats, dropped out of school, changed his phone number, and gone for two face surgeries.

I know of two campus girls who met the boys they thought were the loves of their lives in first year and dated them – or so they thought – all through to fourth year. But as soon as they got pregnant, the boys took flight so fast those girls didn't even know what hit them.

Now, those girls are stuck juggling between their education and taking care of their babies. Their parents have disowned them for getting children out of wedlock, and society has shunned them for immorality.

They go through life one day at a time; depressed and helpless. While the buggers who knocked them up are probably gallivanting out there with some new clueless girl.

Campus boys, man the hell up! If you can't sheath up while at it, be ready to take responsibility for your actions.

Stop ruining someone else's future just for two minutes of fun. Ule moto itawachoma Lucifer bado anauongezea kuni!

Meanwhile, campus girls, take your time, know someone, make sure you're on the same page with them before you jump into bed and burst open your thighs.

Because once you do that, there's no going back.