While relationship experts advise couples to do things, like bathing, together to help strengthen the bond between them, some are not applicable in a ‘hustler economy’  where most facilities are communal.

A newly married couple in Rongai area, Nakuru County that took seriously such advice is bitterly regretting in hingsight.

This is after fellow tenants, through their landlord, evicted them over the habit of bathing together in a communal bathroom.

The couple, believed to be in their mid-twenties and had just moved into the new residence a month ago, pushed the romantic joke too far when they got into a habit of engaging in gland to gland combats in the bathroom, drawing the attention of curious children.

“The weird noises and huffing and puffing always drew the attention of naughty children who treated the escapades as a source of entertainment, much to the annoyance of their patents,” said Sammy Njuguna, a neighbour.

According to the irate tenants, the youthful pair was in the habit of bathing together, even during the day when children were up and about playing.

“First, when they bathed in the morning, they, forgetting that the bathroom was a shared facility, always inconvenienced other queuing tenants, seeing as they took too long.

And most of the time they were just giggling and playing with water like kids,” said Njuguna.

He added that some tenants had gotten used to them. But what, however, pissed them off was when it was discovered that when they had time during the day, they always engaged in the act of the rod, making ‘strange’ noises that attracted the attention of those in the vicinity.

“They wasted a lot of water as they played in the shower like children. At times the young woman made funny moaning sounds in broad daylight that caught the attention of all and sundry.

The first time, a neigbour who discovered the odd behaviour thought the man was strangling his wife, only to discover they were making love,” Mary Kibet, another neighbor told Crazy Monday.

She added that this behavior had prompted children in the ‘plot’ to always gather around the bathroom every time they spotted the couple headed for a shower.

“My neighbour’s six-year-old daughter the other day mimicked the funny noises the lady always makess while taking a bath with her husband. She even sang some of the songs they spend centuries in the bathroom singing,” she said.

When the parents realised that their children risked being exposed to X-rated material, they raised the matter at a neighbours’ meeting, where a resolution to talk to the couple to stop using the bathroom as their bedroom was passed.

To their utter surprise, however, the couple continued with their strange behaviour, terming the complaining tenants as “jealous” types who poked their noses in other people’s businesses.

“Kila nyani na starehe zake (different strokes for different folks)!” the young woman is quoted as having scoffed in dismissal.

James Karuga, the chairman of the tenants association in the ‘plot’ is said to have ordered the immediate eviction of the couple after it emerged that they were not willing to cooperate.