A 33-year-old man only identified as Stevo, caused a stir outside a popular night club along Thika Road. After pompously entertaining three ladies, he could not believe that one of them, who he had been planning to take home for the night, had reneged on their ‘deal’. Her reason for not going to his place with him, she said she was on some medication, didn’t go down well.

The furious man warned the woman that he would not let her take him for a ride.

“Do you think I am a fool? I have spent my money on you, do you think I will let you get away just like that? We will go to my place; that was the deal,” he thundered.

The terrified ladies screamed, attracting the club bouncers. Stevo warned the bouncers to keep off, telling them that they were not privy to the ‘agreement’ he had struck with the woman. He went ahead and attempted to forcefully drag her.

The bouncers, fearing the woman will be harmed, intervened and restrained him.

On their part, the ladies maintained that they did not coerce him to buy them the drinks. This particularly angered Stevo, he shot back with insults claiming he was being short-changed. He became unruly and tried to forcefully grab the woman. This forceful attempt angered onlookers who had been attracted by the commotion and he was overpowered and clobbered as the ladies slithered away. His friend was then asked to take him away lest he suffered more beating, for harassment and causing disturbance.

Stevo, who is well known for picking up ladies from nightclubs, spewed expletives as he was being whisked away vowing he won’t just give in easily and watch as a woman whom he had invested in, got away. What angered him most was the fact that the ladies had ganged up, and claimed the woman he had handpicked was on medication, a lie that he alleged was cooked up to deny him a chance to take her home.

Stevo had checked into the entertainment joint with his friends when his roving eye spotted the three ladies at a table. He invited them over to their table and bought them drinks.

However a few hours and copious amounts of alcohol later, the ladies announced that they wanted to leave. He led them out thinking, the woman he had chosen would remain behind but the other two women refused to let go of their friend claiming she didn’t carry her medicine.

The woman also added that she does not go to men’s houses randomly, especially men she has just met. Stevo, who had a few bruises and a tattered jacket was warned against visiting the joint if his intention was to cause trouble.