L to R: Kitutu Masamba Mp Timothy Bosire,Nakuru towmn mp Kimani Ngunjiri,Machakos senator Johnstone Muthama, Kabete Mp Ferdinard Waitittu

Events of the past few days and weeks have exposed the vulnerable state of a country fast teetering on the brink of pure comedy.

The political drama that has played and replayed itself in the last few weeks and days has predisposed the country on a trajectory of utter amusement.

Nothing else would explain or suck in the brazen transgressions, stark contradictions and contrived quagmires that have engulfed our motherland other than humor.

To begin to countenance some of these ills is to, most certainly, invoke ulcers.

How do you explain a situation where the country’s top most security organ, the National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC) meets hours on end to unilaterally cancel a planned opposition rally and to accuse neighboring countries of destabilizing Kenya?

Despite all the bravado and swagger of the government officials, the rally eventually takes place and the government is left with egg allover its face. The humiliated NSAC takes it in its stride and moves on as though nothing happened.

A few days later, the interior CS Joseph Nkaissery officially bans all demonstrations in the country, again unilaterally. The following day, pro-Jubilee supporters demonstrates in the streets of Nairobi dragging with them a scrap of matatu burnt in opposition demos a few days earlier.

Once again, the CS is humiliated in broad daylight as members of public make a mincemeat of his declaration.

To make matters worse for him, his boss- the president- announces in series of public rallies in opposition stronghold of Ukambani that demos can go on as long as they are peaceful and non-violent.

He even proposes to build a house for the protestors at Uhuru Park, the hotbed of opposition protest rallies, so that they can sustain their peaceful demos for a longer period of time.

Nkaissery hides and travels out of the country in shame.

How else would you countenance the spirited and relentless fight by two top most judges to hang on to their jobs past retirement age if not through humor?

Why would someone want to exit an institution they have served so well for so long in ignominy? The two judges must have a strange variant of humor which Kenyans must struggle to find.

stumbling block

Their push was unprecedented, impractical, illogical and unacceptable yet they pushed it to the uppermost limits. Their sense of humor is incomprehensible to simple minds.

And then Moses Kuria happens. Just like that! He catches everyone as though with a lasso and binds us all from without, bila huruma!

When we thought Kuria’s outbursts imagining assassination of Raila Odinga were gross Cord fires back volleys through its trusted comrade Junet Mohamed who dares Moses to go back to Congo.

You thought the barbs were gross until you saw the draft police charges against the Jubilee, Cord MPs and party activists sucked into the cacophony of political noise ignited by Kuria.

Some were accused of uttering identical words, others for inciting using dispassionate statements while others like student leader Babu Owino were to be charged with threatening to multiply Kuria “by zero and raising him to power infinity!”

To cap it all, Moses wags his middle finger inside the hallowed courtroom and his notoriety consumes the nation.

In an instant, the country forgets everything about IEBC disbandment in the same way it forgot about Jacob Juma murder, Eurobond and National Youth Service scam among others. Everybody moves on!

The nation now starts to call on the locked up leaders to begin dialogue from the cells.

By the way, doesn’t it sound ominous that the same Kuria whom Deputy President William Ruto floated as a perfect stumbling block to successful dialogue with Cord eventually ended up in Jubilee list of dialogue team?

There cannot be any clearer proof than this that the intended dialogue process is another comedy in the making. If the DP is not serious with it who else is or who should?

Kenyans, prepare your ribs for more laughter!

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