'Bad Black'

Last Monday entertaining news came in the morning to put a smile on the faces of Kampalans, recovering from election blues.

A popular socialite — that is the respectful title given to Kampala wannabes especially when they are buying the drinks — was being released from Luzira maximum security prison where she had spent four years.

Ms Shanita Namuyimbwa, popularly known as ‘Bad Black’, was finally free after her stint in the cooler where she was sent for stealing four million pound sterling from her British boyfriend, Mr David Greenhalgh. Four years ago, that was eleven billion Uganda shillings. After our runaway inflation, today it is about twenty billion shillings that she took from the love-struck white man.

Bad Black did not exactly steal the money. Technically, she embezzled it from their company account to which she was a full signatory. Loverboy David had transmitted the money from the UK to a real estate company he was setting up with her in Uganda.

But Bad Black had a local boyfriend, one Meddie Sentongo, with whom they er... kind of spent the whopping four million British pounds.


At first the smitten David did not seem to mind Bad Black’s wild expenditure which meant daily round-the-clock parties with Kampala crowds that followed her around the pubs. Until he realised the his so called brother-in-law Meddie was actually his romantic rival.

The furious Brit swung into action. He went to the Commercial Division of the high court and opened a case of embezzlement. Police moved in and Bad Black was arrested with loverboy Meddie. Justice was swift and Meddie got 18 months in prison. Bad Black got four years.

The socialite continued to hit headlines even while in prison. At one point she sought permission from the court to fly to Dubai where she had to undergo surgery after her breast implant developed what she called serious complications that needed immediate medical attention. While at it, she jumped bail.

She was re-arrested through Interpol and brought back to Uganda to complete her sentence.

Last Monday as Bad Black was walking out of the prison gates, there was an unexpected twist in the tale. David Greenhalgh was being marched into prison for an unrelated offence of issuing a bouncing cheque worth $100,000. The public didn’t even know that the guy was still hanging around Uganda. That completed the love triangle. Meddie served his time first. Bad Black has finished hers. Now the millionaire British playboy is seeing the inside of our filthy jails. We hope his trial will also be swift he doesn’t get convicted.

And oh, one other little surprise. Bad Black came out and she is no longer black. The bleaching services she was accessing behind bars are so effective she is now completely yellow. She has said she is joining them music industry and her first hit song will be hitting at journalists who have been publishing unkind stories about her.

Meanwhile the wild parties are on again. TV cameras caught happy revelers welcoming Bad Black back, as they waved Ush20,000 notes (Ksh600) she was dishing out to whoever crossed her path.