Watchman watches on at window

A high school teacher, alleged to have greedy fascination for the forbidden fruit, is cooling his heels behind bars in Kakamega County after he was caught red-handed engaged in the ‘act of rod’ with his 17-year-old student.

The security guards who busted and arrested him told Crazy Monday that they became suspicious when the Form Four girl crossed over to teachers’ quarters at night. That a student would go to a teacher’s house at night raised eyebrows. They secretly trailed her, only to find her ‘exchanging saliva’, being fondled and engrossed in ‘gland-to-gland’ combat with the tutor surnamed Musonye.

On the fateful night after evening preps, when the lights were put off, the unidentified girl was spotted by a hawk-eyed watchman walking towards the teacher’s houses.

“We noticed a girl stealthily heading to the teacher’s quarters using a winding route, probably avoiding security lights, before knocking on the window of Musonye’s house. Musonye, without switching on his lights, opened the door quietly and received her with a hug and planted kisses on her cheeks before closing the door,” said the watchman who preferred to be anonymous.

Nosy, like most watchmen, the guard summoned his colleagues who tiptoed to the teacher’s bedroom window.

“We listened at the window to hear what exactly the two were up to at such a late hour. What we heard were not noises of a teacher and student discussing academic work; they were fondling. We heard them noisily kissing and engage in the act as the girl purred like a cat,” the watchman giggled.

Amorous congress

It’s then that the watchmen decided to call the police, fearing that if they notified the school’s administration alone, tables would have turned against them. Police from the nearby Shinyalu station were swift and arrived as the teacher was still engaged in the ‘amorous congress’.

“We received the report and went into action. We have so far arrested the teacher, and now waiting to produce him in court and charge him. Medical tests proved the teacher had sex with the underage girl,” said Kakamega East police boss Helen Rotich.

Guardian and uncle to the girl, a Mr Makori, also a high school teacher, said the student’s performance had nose-dived in the recent past, and they now have found a probable reason.

Sexual abuse

“Her academic prerformance has been on a constant decline. She is nowadays not the obedient girl she was. But the act of the teacher is pure betrayal, why go for your own student?” he posed. Women leaders from Shinyalu said sexual abuse of school-girls by teachers in the area is on the rise. They accused some school heads of protecting the culprits.

“There is a teacher who has been transferred to three schools in a short span due to sex-related cases with school girls. Some people are protecting him from the law and are busy frustrating his arrest. We fear he will be silently reinstated,” said Violet Shibutse, a women leader.

11 students at Sisokhe Secondary School in the neighboring Navakholo constituency were recently found to be pregnant while two had dropped out to get married.