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After last week’s High Court ruling that gays and lesbians can now openly register organisations to fight for and defend their rights, the traditional family must be under attack. It is a crazy world indeed. The old men must be muttering in their graves, spinning furiously as they observe the astonishing “development” of the world they left behind.

Gender in today’s world has taken on new meanings. Meanings that seem to have the traditional family firmly in their sights. And what is coming is frightening. The traditional human family — a man, his wife or wives and a litter of their little kids being brought up and turned into proper human beings — has been around for all of recorded history.

As far back as we can see, we find this same model of society replicated in diverse, unconnected societies everywhere humans are found. Meaning, even if one is not the religious type, this model sort of works. It provides a stable basis to manage human relationships, provides an excellent model for the management of social relations, and is actually the basis of all governance structures. But this just wasn’t enough for us, and now we are heading down a truly strange path.

The popular social media platform, Facebook, quietly changed its “gender” options for users’ profiles a while back. Instead of having the boring old “Female” and “Male” options, Facebook — after being harangued by users — now has 56 different genders. That’s right, fifty six.

 Completely new world

A Facebook user can now define themselves as male, or female, or agender, or androgynous, or bigender, or intersex, or gender fluid, or....and so on, ad nauseum.

This, of course, raises more than just issues to do with pronouns. What underlies all this, though, is a strange and unprecedented desire to create a completely new world, with a new definition of sexual identity that is nowhere near what biology provides for nor, frankly, intends.

Now, boys are not just boys. Boys can apparently now be girls as well. Girls are not just girls, they can be boys. Or something in between. People are expected to be able to totally ignore the natural, biological reality of gender, and pretend that gender confusion is perfectly normal. In the West, particularly, anyone that doesn’t play along with this madness is both silenced and punished. Same fate is now likely to befall Kenyans.

The target of these astonishing trend is, of course, to completely do away with the traditional family, the institution upon which the entire history of mankind has been based so far. Because if boys can be girls, then who is the husband, the father, in a family?

 Confused trends

If girls can actually be boys, it follows that they cannot really be mothers. It gets muddled after this, with everything and and everyone trying to be all things at once. These confused trends are not without poster-things to trumpet them. A former Olympic athlete and American reality TV star has suddenly decided that he is, in fact, a woman.

He has therefore undergone chemical castration, is taking hormones to feminise himself, and walks around dressed as a woman. The cheek of it! To the adoring American public, he is a hero, and the adulation and TV ratings have gone through the roof. What happens in America and the West sooner or later arrives here, and we should not be surprised if this strange new culture begins taking root in these parts, especially following last weeks court ruling.

The traditional family, it appears, is no longer fashionable. This, clearly, would be a good time for mankind’s various religious saviours to return and save us all from ourselves!

These views are not necessarily those of Crazy Monday, but the author’s.