A good example of male privilege is how rarely men suspect their wives of cheating even when they are blatantly having affairs in their face.

Male powers of deduction are appallingly low simply because the average guy does not believe his spouse would dare cheat. We are socialised to think of women as ‘naturally monogamous’ while men are innately polygamous.

Wives can get away with excuses that would make an innocent husband sound highly suspect. “My phone battery died, Hmm!” While many women wish to get married, a fairly good portion do not enjoy being married mostly because the glamour of a wedding is often confused with the reality of a marriage.

The average husband tends to be all talk and no action when it comes to pursuing affairs. Most guys dwell in fantasy, living vicariously through their mates illicit lives, enjoying the loyalty that is earned from covering for that one philandering pal whose company your wife detests.

But empowered women now have several opportunities to cheat and if your wife is suddenly looking sexier than ever and still pleading ‘low sex drive’, it is probably the fault of her mysterious fling.

Female infidelity is real but the proof is always hard to come by because unlike men, most women can keep their cool even under the most intense scrutiny.

Even with hard proof, some men still live in denial. Here is an illustration. A man comes home early from work one afternoon after picking his daughter from school, to find his wife naked in bed, breathing heavily, sweaty and looking very distressed.

The man, somewhat confused asked, “Babes, what’s wrong?” In between gasps of heavy breath, his wife looks at him, tears in her eyes, “I don’t know... I think I may be having a heart attack”.

The husband panics and rushes downstairs, remembering that he left his cellphone in the car, in order to call a doctor. He is in the middle of dialing the number when his young daughter rushes to him in the living room and screams, “Daddy! Daddy! There is a naked man in the wardrobe!”

The distraught husband throws down the phone, rushes upstairs to his bedroom and flings open the wardrobe to find his best friend inside, stark naked. “Seriously! Jemo!” the man shouts, “my wife is in the bedroom having a heart attack and here you are sneaking around naked scaring the kids!”

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