Technology has made it possible to shop on all continents from the comfort of your cellphone, laptop or computer. You will meet genuine business people as well as con artists posing as traders, but in reality are out to scam you.  Here are 10 characteristics of online cons.

1. Downloaded pictures

The online con uses Internet sourced photos to push sales and which are   professionally edited to make them eye catching to entice a sucker.

2. Private account

The con’s social media account will always be private. You will never   access it to see friends or family photos. 

3. Doesn’t use real names

This is the biggest give-away of most cons. They will either use two English names or names that will throw people off the scent of their real identity. They are embarrassed of their friends finding out the real source of “god’s blessings” that has launched them into wealth overnight.

4. Always interact in private

In private is where they will lure you with all the sweet words in peace without intruders raising an alarm. So they will always ask you to either join them on WhatsApp or send them a private message to inquire about the merchandise.

5. Limited stock

This is to raise anxiety and make you feel like you might lose out on that opportunity so being the fool you are, you will send them money for reservations or ‘booking.’ But immediately the cash lands on their phone, they will block you pronto before withdrawing the quid.

6. Flowery language

The language they will use will includes mentions of God, but woe unto you if you are the kind  who is always inquisitive because that’s when they will unleash the intense profanities that can only be whispered in the cover of darkness.

7. Below market rates 

The con artist knows people are more willing to risk small sums of money and so their prices are always on the lower side. This is just a bait to draw you in before they swallow you hook, line and sinker.  This is common among ‘house brokers’ who lure home seekers with Sh20k less on rent in posh areas.

8. Newer phone numbers

It’s rare to see a con with a 0722 number or some of the other ‘veteran’ phone numbers. They will always have recently launched numbers for   mobile cash purposes before throwing them away once enough suckers have been netted and they change numbers.

9. No physical address

Cons have no physical addresses for their business, preferring to pretend they operate from home. Meeting them is even more chaotic due to silly excuses followed by cat and mouse games.

10. Regular group postings

Cons never tire of posting their fake merchandise because they want to cast a wider net for a bigger harvest. Those who show interest are issued with follow ups, frequently probing when you need to make the purchase. They will never give up on you unless they realize you’ve caught up on their game.

Now you know. Bottom line is if they sound too good, they are crooked as hell.