Baba Orange is accusing Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris of abandoning him at Kenyatta National Hospital

Nicholas Owino Owiro, commonly known as Baba Orange or Owino Mawe, the Nasa supporter who was run over by a vehicle during an anti-IEBC demo, is accusing Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris of abandoning him at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Pasaris has however strongly disputed Mawe’s claims. Owino Mawe, a 65-year-old father of 10, who was last week flown to Kisumu’s Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital by a group calling itself ‘Nasa Volunteers claims he was with Passaris on October 9 when a motorist knocked him down.

“As we were heading to town, there were police blockades, so we were strategising on how to get to the town centre when Passaris asked me to help her hold a banner with the words, ‘Kama ni Mbaya ni Mbaya’.

A few minutes later, Owino Mawe says he heard a gunshot, and before he could turn to check what was going on, a vehicle knocked him to the ground. He came back to his senses at the casualty section of KNH.

He however claims that his stay at the hospital was rife with challenges, as Passaris who had pledged to take care of his medical and welfare bills disappeared.

“After my admission, Passaris came to see me with a number of Nasa MPs. When they inquired if they could chip in to help with the bills, Mama County told them she was handling my case,” Mawe claimed.

He however said after the first week of his admission, he was set to undergo a corrective surgery following the hip bone injury, only to be informed that there was an urgent case which had been booked at the theatre. Three weeks later, he remained unattended to.

“My attempts to reach Passaris failed as calls went unanswered or she would respond by text that she was busy and would call back,” says Mawe.

It was after this that the Nasa volunteers led by Elizabeth Mokonen footed the Sh54,000 hospital bill and took Mawe to Kisumu, where they said he would get close attention.

But a nurse at KNH dismissed Mawe’s allegations, saying the patient was offered optimum medical care.

“The patient was on Tramadol (painkillers) and was on traction (pulling the femur to get back the fractured bones in place) till he recovered,” she said.

Passaris on the other hand accused the Nasa volunteers of getting Mawe from KNH against doctors’ advice.

“It is not true that we could not pay the medical bills for Mawe. He was due for surgery, and all the bills were to be offset at the point of discharge. I think Mawe was just worried about the delay in the surgery caused by the long queue of those booked for surgeries,” she said.

She added: “I visited Mawe four times at the hospital and every time I went there I gave him some money. And when he told me that his wife got an accident, I sent her some money for upkeep. I am surprised the so-called volunteers went and picked the patient against doctors’ advice and drove him in a taxi in that state without informing me,” said Passaris who said she had spent over Sh10,000 on the family, and also had some Sh20, 000 more contributed by friends which she had planned to send to Mawe.

But Mawe said he only received Sh6,500 from the lawmaker, Sh5,000 for his family upkeep and another Sh1,500 to activate his expired NHIF account.