Samburu County Governor Moses Lenolkulal

Samburu County Governor, Moses Lenolkulal has warned his opponents and other politicians from the region not to resort to witchcraft to win in the August General Election.

He said politicians have welcomed a number of witchdoctors from Mombasa and Congo to offer them protection and help them gain popularity during the campaign period.

“There are some politicians who have brought in witchdoctors to help them win the elections. But we don’t have a problem with that because we are dependent on God’s power. But we are warning them not to depend on witchcraft as our community has been worshipping God,” he said.

Lenolkulal said the witchdoctors have already set up in the slums of Maralal town and some well-known politicians were visiting them for powers to enable them sway voters.

The governor said that it was unfortunate that the same politicians also frequented different churches on Sundays for prayers.

Lenolkulal said he would soon be naming the politicians because they could bring a curse to the county.

“They are led by their leader who wants my seat, another one wants to be an Mp. They have brought the witchdoctors so that they can blind and confuse our supporters to vote against us. They should sell their development policies instead,”Lenolkulal said.

He added that he and his team believe in God and that they are sure they will defeat their opponents in the polls.

He added that he has been traversing the county with his team selling his manifesto to voters.

“We have been going through the county asking for votes, telling our people what we have done for them and what we will continue doing if re-elected.

“I have been endorsed and blessed by elders to run for a second term,” he added.

He called upon his opponents to engage in real campaigns and tell the residents what they would do for them should they be elected.