Abubakar Muindi a city psychologist states that trust is the main reason why couples do not put each other as the next of kin.

"Trust and communication plays an important role, you will find a wife does not trust her husband with finances because of something that happened in a relationship and hence she will put her mother and a husband does not trust his wife and puts his brother as the next of kin."

Muindi adds that social learning contributes as couples might pick from what they have learnt from others and sometimes it's important to explain to the other party why one spouse has been excluded. "Because once the other person knows, it will create a rift in the relationship and you will find they will have a different attitude towards the marriage, even if they do not talk about it, the other partner will start reacting to it.

Their sexual life will be affected and the sacrifices that they do for each other might stop."

Muindi adds: "I would advise couples to communicate the reasons why, because a wife might put her mother just in case both parents die at the same time and the husband will understand.

They can also put their kids if they are above 18 years. Let the last resort be their relatives."