Wife Swapping
The culture of wife swapping is taking root in Kenya Photo: Courtesy

It is a melodrama straight out of Happy Valley, in which the cast was hedonistic British and Anglo-Irish aristocrats and adventurers who settled in the Wanjohi Valley near the Aberdare mountain range.

Like the Happy Valley set who became infamous for decadent lifestyles and sexual promiscuity in the 1930s, Francois Louis Raymond Damon, the proprietor of Sleeping Warrior Lodge in Soysambu Conservancy in Elementaita accuses his wife of taking their wife swapping exploits too far and sleeping with other men.

“She claims that I have denied her conjugal rights for 10 years, but that’s a lie. The last time we had sex was during a wife-swapping session on March 15, 2015. I even have the videos and pictures to prove it. She then went behind my back and started having sex with men in my absence,” says Damon, who is also facing charges of sodomising a Maasai dancer in Naivasha.

“I don’t want to comment on the issue further because the matter is in court, but my friend who was available when we had group sex with my wife can attest to that,” says Damon who shared explicit videos and pictures of his wife and another man.

The man with whom Jacqueline was eating the forbidden fruit is Wycliffe Okumu, who claims to have been involved in wife-swapping sessions with Damon and his wife on five different occasions, the latest being March 2015.

“Jacqueline lies when she says she hasn’t been intimate with Damon, because I have been there and we have shared her, says Okumu, adding that in all occasions, Damon went first and then they swapped wives.

Damon says his wife mutually consented to wife-swapping sessions and even enjoyed them: “If you look at the videos, does it look like she is being forced? In fact, she looks like she is having a lot of fun.”

But in court documents, Jacqueline Ruth Damon claims her marriage is irretrievably broken down, and their differences are irreconcilable. The mother of two adds that her husband has turned into an alcoholic who is temperamental and quite unpredictable.

In the documents filed at the Naivasha High Court, Jacqueline tells of a time when one of their daughters caught her father red-handed sodomising a young boy from Rwanda.

In the affidavit, the wife who is a co-partner at Sleeping Warrior, says that she came to learn in 2012 that her husband was engaging in sodomy and homosexual affairs.

She adds that Damon impedes and meddles with the smooth operation of the lodge despite both of them been directors. In the court papers, the wife says that her husband refused to pay any pre-natal care bills and all other medical and education expenses she incurred.

She further accuses Damon of denying her conjugal rights, infidelity and forcing her to sleep with other men. She also claims that Damon “abused, humiliated and mistreated her in front of their children, family members and friends for which she suffered indignity, disgrace, humiliation and degradation.”

Damon who was accused by a Maasai dancer moved to the High Court to stop the charge of sodomy, claiming they are an infringement on his constitutional rights.