Kenya is ranked sixth in terms of its ‘twitterati.’ A report titled How Africa Tweets by Portland Communications found that only South Africa topped Kenya in Africa in three months leading to December 2013. The majority use Twitter for communication, others to monitor news. The dominant topic in Africa is soccer.

 It was more discussed than the death of Nelson Mandela. The days of most tweets are Tuesday and Friday. Research by fellows from Ecole Polytechnic in Switzerland in May 2014 found that the Kenya Police, army and Air Force are the least users of Twitter. No tweets are ever posted from any of our barracks, reads their report in The Economist.

The predominant language is English with only five per cent using Kiswahili and vernacular.

With social media becoming a useful tool for more than just communication, those with huge following are infl uential to ‘netizens’ and they can shape public opinion, perception about issues and how people view certain brands. If they can set the agenda, they can frame you.