Uganda’s latest sensation Cindy Sanyu has been releasing hits besides doing huge collabos in Kenya. It appears there is no stopping the former Blu3 singer who says there are lots of surprises in store for her Kenyan fans.

SDE: What are you up to?

I plan on doing many more huge musical projects in Kenya. My fans should brace themselves for the best from East Africa’s undisputable queen of dancehall music.  

SDE: You latest collabos Yeye with Wahu and Tempo Remix with Duflan Diligon have been well received locally what is your take?

I am glad that Kenyans love my music.  This is a clear indication that I have a taste of music for Kenyan fans. Kenyans are too selective when it comes to good music and you can only win their confidence by proving you are the best. And that is why I remain the best.

Because of this I will not hesitate to continue staging shows in Kenya upon invitation.

SDE: Why did you choose to work with Wahu and Duflan?

Well, it has been my desire since way back to work with singer Wahu who has been a good friend of mine.

This aside she is one musician I have always admired and felt a connection with owing to her talent, maturity and laid back attitude and I am glad that the timing was right. The song directed by Nameless and J Blessing is expected to take the local industry by storm owing to its unique style which is seemingly different from the rest.  

As for Duflan – the Grandpa CEO Refigah felt I was the right person to do theTempo Remix with him and hence when he approached me – and I agreed. I am glad that it turned out well. However, this does not mean that I will not hesitate to work with many other artists when need calls for.

SDE: Does this mean that you are moving to Kenya?

I am signing with Grandpa Records because I realize my music is here but my presence is not being felt as it should. With the love that I have received from my Kenyan fans automatically means that you will be seeing more of me here.

I intend to stage several other shows apart from the ones I did earlier after recording the Tempo remix in order to familiarize myself with the Kenyan fans who so far have given nothing short of positive reviews besides showing me love as far as my music reception goes.

SDE: You are one musician who has received lots of criticism across East Africa for being confident in doing what you do, like backlash dancing as a mother with others claiming that you are setting a bad example to your daughter?  

Yes, I get a lot of that which is a normal thing since you cannot please everyone. The fact that I know what I am doing is good enough and a reason to keep me going.

When I get on stage, I do it in my capacity as a musician and not as a mother to my fans since they are not my children and I am obliged to entertain them not raise them.

And as far as my daughter Amani is concerned she clearly understands that it is a job that I do in order to entertain my fans and equally make ends meet.

After all there are several renowned musicians out there who have made it big despite being mothers hence I don’t see the big deal some people are trying to make of my job.

SDE: As female artist who has been in the music industry since 2005 what are some of the challenges you have had to face and how did you handle them?

It’s not been easy but I thank God that he has enabled me cope with well.

The main challenge has been criticism from a section of people who don’t seem to take female musicians seriously.

Others even think or insinuate that being the weaker sex we are out to look for sponsors and hence they will try every means possible to have you fall in their trap in exchange for favors such as shows, airplay et al.

This has always been a major setback for most female artists who are forced to work twice as hard as their male counterparts.

SDE: Speaking of music who is inspires you?  

Ugandan singer Juliana Kanyomozi is one person who knows and understands what good and serious music entails. Another is my mother who despite being a single parent managed to raise the eight of us well ensuring that we have a bright future.  I am the fourth born.  

SDE: What made you become the successful musician you are today?  

My mother inspired me a lot. Even when I tended to lose track she always encouraged and instilled confidence in me. She always called me names such as Mariah Carey, Yvonne Chakachaka making me believe that I was the best musically speaking.  

SDE: What are some of your favorite songs among your productions?  

My Party song which I released when my daughter Amani was three weeks old. I recall being on set while milk kept oozing from my breast- forcing me to change my bras every thirty minutes.  

On the other hand, I cannot wait to perform Selecta when on stage. This is one song that I released soon after having my baby and could not wait to make a comeback after critics insinuated that it was all over for me musically.  Its inspiration and instruments are inspired by Jamaican’s Konshens.

SDE: Tell us about the video which has been described as unique and different?  

I wanted it to look like one of those classic Jamaican clubs besides having the Jamaican feeling in it. I am glad that I had good control over what was happening in the video.   

SDE: About your unique diamond tooth?

(Laughs) it’s simply diamond on my tooth as you put it. The tooth is baffed and put it in with a laser light with a span of ten years guarantee.  

SDE: Rumour has it that you and Grandpa’s bad boy Duflan Diligon are falling for each other?

I knew that was coming. Truth is we are nothing but good friends.  

SDE: Last word?

I want to thank all my fans for their immense support all through even way back when I was still part of Blue 3.