Joe Muchiri  Photo:Facebook/JoeMuchiri


By Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)

Quite Popular across Social Media Platforms, Joe Muchiri is a brand well known by the KOT ( Kenyans On Twitter ) due to the influence he has had on the medium.  What many don't know is that he works full time as a producer in one of the local radio station, a job he takes pride in.

Born and raised in Jericho, Eastland, Joe Muchiri attended Peter Kibukosya Primary school before proceeding to Highway secondary. With a love for Media and a knack for production he joined Nairobi University where he pursued a Diploma in Broadcast journalism and Mass communications.

His knowledge in the field has seen him work for several stations including KTN where he once worked as a str8-up show producer after which he left for Capital FM.

Speaking to SDE, Joe was swift to mention that his work involves producing news, adverts, radio shows and maintaining On air quality . On the other hand his social media pages are a platform through which his followers can watch his social scene shenanigans which he often displays.

His social media influence has led to his part in many corporate campaigns. His is a reflection of how one can use Social Media to double up their daily income.

Asked how he keeps his social media pages abuzz he responded by saying, "Originality is key. Social media users will call you out when you come across as fake so simply be yourself."

Having capitalized on social media platforms like many other users would hope to, Joe is a brand that most Kenyans on Twitter are familiar with and for this reason he is today's MCM.