Angel Waruinge aka Miss Morgan

Quite the stern teacher in one of the local productions, Angel Waruinge a.k.a Miss Morgan built her brand on a role that many students dislike!

She was the deputy head teacher, sternly keeping the calm within Tahidi High School but, whereas that is one of her most memorable characters, she has played many roles across adverts, theatre plays and even television shows.

Before stumbling into acting more than 10 years ago, Angel was quite the sports person. Acting was not anywhere in her plans but one day as she was waiting up for her father in town, she saw a beer commercial looking for actors. Since she had time of her hands, she auditioned and got the role which was her debut into the world of acting.

After the commercial, she was called up to do a stage play called “Gone up in Smoke” where she played a minor role. She moved on to perform in several plays and it was during her stage play performances that she got the chance to be cast on the first television show.

Her first television role was on Sigma, alongside Naomi Kamau who was then scripting for Tahidi High. Naomi propositioned Angel to take up a role on Tahidi High, and it was then that she got the role as Miss Morgan.

Miss Morgan admits that one needs to stay disciplined and respect which come in handy when working with others. As she continues to grow in the Miss Morgan and fellow actors have started their own company called Media 4 productions.

Quite the screen queen, Miss Morgan has made her name in the Kenyan acting scene. She has influenced and empowered other young people including her younger sister Shiro Waruinge to nurture their acting skills.

Her drive, determination and ability to make a teacher very sexy is the reason she makes our WCW this week.