Pulse: What are we likely to find you in, on an average day?
Rosa: Cuffed jeans, colourful Maasai sandals and a vest.

P: What do you add to your look when you have had a stressed out day?
R: A bold expressive ring, that always speaks for me.

P: What are you most likely to wear on a night out?
R: Vans, high-waist jeans and a tight crop-top.

P: Between kikoi and khanga what’s your preference?
R: Khanga, definitely. There’s so much you can do with a Khanga that makes it both urban and traditional all at once. You can turn it into a bandeau, a skirt, a head wrap...

P: Where would you wear a satin dress to?
R: I actually have one ready for my first appearance at the Grammys (laughs).

P: Whose fashion style do you admire most?
R: It’s strange that it’s a man’s; Kendrick Lamar’s. He’s just formally informal. It’s too neat.

P: Which Kenyan personality do you think would get away with wearing a naked dress?
R: I shall not be vain but until I try on one myself I would rather not imagine anyone else.

P: The most daring hairstyle you have ever had...
R: I once had Da Brat braids with rubber bands and beads. It was too daring because some people thought it made me look younger but funny enough the hip-hop heads seemed to enjoy it.

P: What can’t you leave the house without?
R: Definitely any lip product. Your lips are a selling point.

P: What is your preferred colour of lipstick?
R: Maroon or dark brown.

P: Ever bought any outfit from a Kenyan designer?
R: Kui once make me a white and read crop-top with a mesh mini skirt for Christmas. It was glorious.

P: The best bargain in your wardrobe would be?
R: My jewellery probably. I make most of them on my own from random things I collect which is just exciting and beautiful all at once.

P: What is the one fashion trend you hope will never come back?
R: The knee-length, high-top laced converse, the luminous coloured weaved Mohawks, the man made eyebrows... should I continue?