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Man's claim that his fart can kill mosquitoes six metres away is false
Man fakes own kidnapping to avoid wedding fiancee
Bizarre sloping toilet designed to keep long calls shorter launched
Angry investors want boss who ‘died’ with password exhumed
Where exams are done naked to curb cheating
VIDEO: Pastor angers faithful by buying Range Rover, they demand tithe refund
Controversial video game puts players in the shoes of Jesus Christ and perform 'miracles'
Wife builds Sh2.5 million backyard bar so husband will quit sneaking off
Chain of five hitmen who hired each other for same job jailed
Speaker warns Ugandan MPs to eat slowly during international conference
Ladies, want happy marriage? Be more attractive than your hubby!
Teacher forces students to wear cardboard boxes to curb cheating
Vegan sues neighbours for 'letting nyama choma aroma waft to her house'
Woman seeks divorce from hubby for being too nice
PHOTOS: Girl, 27, marries grandpa, 83,says it was love at first sight
Outrage as non-performing employees forced to eat live fish, drink chicken blood
Pastor arrested for stealing car blames devil and little ‘sadaka’
Woman gives birth to twins 11 weeks apart
Journalist’s epic report while submerged up to his neck in flood waters
Mayor dressed in women’s clothing for failing to fulfill campaign pledge
Male basketball star banned after urine test finds him pregnant
Cristiano Ronaldo’s 90 minute on the bench causes uproar
Woman sues after giving birth to other couples’ babies in mix-up
Woman lost voice for 12 years after swallowing coin
Mayor disguises self as disabled person to test public servants
Inmate escapes prison by switching places with twin brother
Man nearly buried alive, 'wakes hours to own funeral'
Things you probably didn’t know about Samuel Eto’o
Bishop to exorcise city by sprinkling holy water from helicopter
Man ordered to pay ex-wife Sh18m for 27 years of house chores
Switched at birth: How chance trip to butchery re-united twins
Rooster’s loud crowing triggers legal battle between neighbours
Constipated woman loses memory after straining on toilet
Peeping woman gets head stuck in neighbour's gate for hours
Drama as cheating hubby agrees to be paraded nude by wife
Man goes on hunger strike outside ex-girlfriend’s house
New device allows fathers to breastfeed their babies
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