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The local: Kipindupindu is messing ‘beer-shara’
Who ordered matumbo nyeusi hivi? The young and the restless at the pub
Just like NASA and Jubilee, my butcher has launched his meat-festo
The local: You can now drink ‘Kipindupindu’ at the local
How to skive throwing rounds in a bar
'Man-Man':From Minnesota with kusota
No unga? No problem thufu and mutura got us covered
It was a tyranny of nomination beers
Karembo is planning to bed Fr Gakombe
Pregnancy lessons and why alcohol can ‘dunga mimba’ in Kenya
Masomo ya Msingi for Papa English
How SGR became an excuse ‘kulala na kuro’
The trials of brother Gachiri, the taxi guy
Night about town from the local
Addictive ‘mad’ drama at the local
Hawkers have mastered the art of milking tulevi
The Afrosinema drama of Baba Mtu, the lone drinker
Wazee can unleash ‘chemical warfare’ to snatch chicks from maboys
It’s ‘kamatia chini’ time at Wa-Hannah’s as sots ‘shake a leg’
The Local: Uchumi is so bad, now tulevis are licking their drinks like cats
Hell hath no fury like a pregnant barmaid
Nyambu goes nyama kwa nyama with Papa Engish
Beer-shara of drinking ‘stock’
Cry freedom for walevi wa local
The Local: It's no Happy New Year for drunken 'jailbirds'
The gospel according to local walevi
The local: This is not a public toilet,nunua pombe kwanza
The local: When onywaji causes a hangover and a kanundu in your forehead
The local: Pombe si ya mama yako, bwana
The local: The beer-shara of tuning barmaids
The local: Majamaa, I need reinforcement I’m being Trumped
The local: If Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigned in Kenya...
The local: It would be ‘ale on earth’ if Nyambu goes on leave
The local: 'Pewa! I can even buy you a husband!'
The local: A mlevi’s pride comes before a fall
The local: Men drink coz of ‘nina tabu’ headaches
The local: Drinking Sacco loans in search of business
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