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Biden denied communion for supporting abortion
Randy male world: Are all men polygamous by nature?
KDF soldier accidentally shoots self at an M-Pesa shop
Drama as police corporal beats his boss senseless in Siaya
Man gets so drunk he unknowingly swallows house keys
Politician cries after getting ‘5 votes’ despite having 9 relatives
Man busts wife with neighbour in extra bedroom, kills her
Voi man kills cousin he suspects sired ‘his’ two children
Drama queens: Why Kenyan women are so angry
Of Caster Semenya and other 'manly' women
Belly fat? Hospital that gives you instant six-pack
Annoying Kenyans ruining social media for everyone else
Thailand sends overweight policemen to weight loss camp
Opium addicted parrots wreak havoc in Indian poppy fields
Tactics Kenyan women use to 'sit on' men
Inside nasty divorce cases and horror of disliked spouses
Male beauty: Before fat wallets replaced big muscles, six packs
Rare condition leaves woman unable to hear men’s voices
Company to send pregnant woman into space to give birth
Pastor uses whisky to get men closer to God
Christmas intrigues: The antics and how the day will be spent
Club fakes player’s death to have tough game postponed
Why Spanish football teams are installing TV urinals in their stadiums
Boosting productivity: Company where you get paid for sleeping long hours
40-year-old Ugandan woman dubbed most fertile with 44 kids
Family blames unpaid electricity bills on their cat
Where female shoppers can hire ‘shopping boyfriends’
Why women love bad boys
Woman unhappy with married life bites off husband’s tongue
Divorced man steals 73 wedding dresses to rekindle wedding memories
Riswa: Crazy stuff 'mzungus' do in the name of religion
Bedroom bullies: When spouse denies partner conjugal rights
Meet two-year-old who smokes 40 cigarettes daily
Stud to pay Sh884m for ‘tuning’ married woman
Chinese couples now hiring ‘love testers’ to check partners’ fidelity
What shame? When drunks offer best comedy and drama
Queue place holders: Seven weird jobs Kenyans do to put food on the table
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