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Are some people not wired for marriage, kids?
From house sitters to ‘matatu fillers’, here are seven crazy Kenyan jobs
Big scandal: When your wife is a horrible cook
Dr. Cupid: She lured me to bed, but has since lost interest in me
Town bans gossip in bid to stop rumors from spreading
Cost of cheating: How much Kenyan men waste on mpangos
Busy hubbies: Tale of lonely Kenyan wives who feel, live like single mums
Deadbeat mums: Kenyan women with no maternal instincts
Fat lie: “I am ready to die” joke our leaders like telling
Why blame teens for pregnancies when adults romp in public?
Why Nairobians now hold 'amorous congresses' in the bush
Animals continue to feel the heat as Nakuru man is busted mounting cow
Toilet graffiti : Crazy Kenyans who write on loo walls
Multi-million shilling infidelity industry thriving in Kenya
Botched: How ‘empowerment’ has spoilt our women
Cold war in the bedroom: Hilarious tactics Kenyan couples use to settle scores
Sniffing underwear: Five weird ways couples go to nab cheating spouses
Hip hip hooray! This is how Kenyans went bonkers over the New Year
Five things Kenyan men must stop doing in 2018
Angelina Jolie involved in bizarre Special Forces plot to arrest Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony
Silent feminist coups in homes: Curious case of ‘sat on’ Nairobi men
House girls, watchmen and barmaids: ‘Lowly people’ who keep scandalous secrets that could wreck marriages
Prayer partners? Five reasons why women find pastors inviting and highly irresistible
Fear of the delivery rooom: Should men watch their women give birth?
Blessing or curse? Communities that celebrate or kill twins
Budgeting and saving tips men can learn from women
Odd things that happen at typical Kenyan funeral
How to love a Kenyan man
Man in jail for secretly removing condom during intimacy
Kenyan men’s love for pubs, barmaids and dislike for home, wives
Revealed: The different men that women secretly keep in their lives
Crooks, here is how to rob a bank
Controlled infidelity: Tale of women who ‘allow’ their men to cheat only if...
Pastors and lawyers: Are men in these six professions the worst types to date?
Revealed: Men who impregnate mentally unstable women
Kin beaten, chased from Siaya burial for flouting tradition by dressing deceased in underwear
Illiterate taking girlfriend through college: Eight Silly things men do in the name of love
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