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Could this workaholic CS be president in waiting?
Double shuffle:Why does Uhuru toss Amina around?
Fighting VPs started when Uhuru was still a toddler
Denied retirement: Why Joseph Kinyua is ‘engine of the Presidency’
Did corruption become organised crime after Handshake?
It has been three presidents, 20 years of Baba’s handshakes
Battle Royale: Why referendum will be about Baba, Ruto
Ongeza mzigo: Is referendum push really about Wanjiku?
The hurdles in Ruto’s political steeplechase to State House
The ‘Handshake’ is now Raphael Tuju’s political lollipop
‘Kalonzo is kingpin for poor people’ - Governor Mutua
Murathe: From near bankruptcy to ‘mtu wa mkono’ for Chinese
Shenzi type: Why Kenyans don’t fear Presidency
David Murathe: The chief chef in Uhuru’s Kitchen Cabinet
Baba slept with the enemy, cannibalised Opposition in 2018
Sir Charles Njonjo: The only surviving member of Kenya’s first Cabinet
Jamhuri: Some followed their father’s nyayo, most didn’t
Matoke politics: Why William Ruto is camping in Kisii
Revealed: Uhuru Kenyatta's leg in Raila, Waiguru 'handshake'
How long will Uhuru’s gag order to Mt Kenya MPs last?
Ruth Kagia: The woman on whose shoulders Uhuru’s legacy rests
Eight men in Uhuru’s circle who control destiny of millions
Kenyatta succession II: Is Uhuru too young to retire?
Sorry Wanjiku: Raila was the Opposition but ‘Baba’ is now in Jubilee
#Kitaeleweka: Will Central Kenya ‘rudisha mkono’ after Uhuru?
When Jirongo was a billionaire, DP Ruto was his spanner boy
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