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Child custody battle between Kenyan woman and Briton turns messy
Woman moves to court to stop ex from registering son as UK citizen
Court drama as suspect attempts to attack magistrate for the second time
Shock as girl defends boy in rape case
CDF Funds: DPP lines up 117 witnesses against Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa
Kenyan woman, Austrian embroiled in fight for right to bury aviation engineer
COVID-19: 45 under quarantine held over bill despite testing negative
Man denies importing stolen cars worth over Sh50 million
Man ordered out of sister’s penthouse in dramatic escalation
Family deny man rights to bury former County Secretary
Billionaire businessman accuses Joho of trying to forcibly take his land
Mombasa: How woman, lover 'killed her husband' over Sh500 million estate
Court allows Mombasa bishop to divorce wife of 21 years over adultery claims
Kilifi: Court holds harambee, buys repentant suspect a new weave
Mombasa bishop, wife eye divorce amid claims of adultery
Two bank employees deny sneaking fake Sh6 million into bank
I was jobless at 47, but my late billionaire dad saved me
Diamond declines to perform banned ‘Mwanza’ song in Mombasa
My husband tied, left me to die on train tracks – woman tells court
Son of Nairobi-based tycoon drowned in children’s pool, court told
Drama as surrogate mum refuses to hand over Chinese baby
Woman Rep hubby threatened :“You big fat s**t, I will kill you!”
Man leaves court in stitches after admitting to stealing 108 spoons
Mombasa's Old Town gang members charged with machete possession
Kumbe ni under 18: Nairobi lecturer denies wifing student for 10 days
Kenyan in ‘one day marriage’ fights over Sh15 million home
Man accused of touching woman’s butt at a bus stage freed
Tutor accused of sexually assaulting minor who came to him for comfort
Owner of luxury yacht blown up by Uhuru denies trafficking heroin
Landlord’s son gropes woman’s breasts over Sh500 debt
Please take me back to Congo to escape sodomy at Shimo la Tewa
Tragedy as Mombasa man kills brother-in-law over a puff of cigarette
Language barrier gets German tourists two years sentence for pleading guilty without meaning to
Man seeks freedom to marry woman he groped two years ago
Mutura seller in court after bedding friend’s wife
Mombasa pastor infects step-daughter, appeals 35-year sentence
Mombasa grandpa busted after CCTV nabs him stealing laptop in hospital
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