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Bishop Allan Kiuna: You are the problem, everything you build is a reflection of who you are
Bishop Allan Kiuna: What it feels like to be 50
Real Talk: Being wealthy is not evil
Bishop Allan Kiuna: Foolish is the adult who won’t grow up
Grab your blessings by taking the first step
Bishop Allan Kiuna: Good things come to those who wait
Bishop Allan Kiuna: Just because you failed, doesn't mean you are a failure
Bishop Allan Kiuna: How to learn to love and not hate on others
Bishop Allan Kiuna: Use courage as a roadmap to your future
Bishop Allan Kiuna - How to seek greater things this year
Bishop Allan Kiuna: Remember to put family first this festive season
Bishop Allan Kiuna: Suffering should make you stronger and greater
Bishop Allan Kiuna: 3 ways to use your talent to achieve your purpose
Bishop Allan Kiuna: How to move your life from ordinary to extraordinary
Bishop Allan Kiuna: How mediocrity ruined a multi-million dollar concorde company
Bishop Allan Kiuna: Build a winning team by learning how to trust
Bishop Allan Kiuna: Seek out dreamers who trust and believe in you
Bishop Allan Kiuna: Turn your suffering into breakthroughs
Real Talk: Why you should change your mindset and transform your life for better
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