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He braved valleys of shadows of death to become a CEO at 35
So many hungers, not a place to crap
Why I avoid sexy head rubs after shaving
Anyone can get first class in campus – Dr Purity Ngina
Ten things Uhuru can do when he retires
I did not buy a Hummer for Raila - Don Bosco
Why Governor Sonko needs to go undercover at night in Nairobi
I did not incite ‘haki yetu’ riots in Zimbabwe- Silas Jakakimba
Kibaki’s security hit me below the belt, I had to see a urologist – Mwangi
Fake news came before social media
Every man needs a mouthy sister
Why government hates chang’aa
She might cheat with you: 10 things dads should teach their sons about women
Special underwear and things you didn’t know about Mormons
Mormons: A look at church Kenyans crucify for ‘devil worshipping’
Lady in Red: Six ladies who will make you fall in love with red over and over
I love sitting with wazee in village barazas- Kivutha Kibwana
Man up: 10 lessons on how to be better a man this 2018
My Form 2 girlfriend wants to have my child before KCSE
10 things dads should teach their sons about women
Roselyn Akombe: She fell pregnant in campus, became a watchie in America
Even if they kill me, I’ll still live through my daughter’s child- Roselyn Akombe
Why Mudavadi will be the next Luo kingpin after Raila
In the village pubs the 'F' word is like a greeting and men exaggerate their friends’ sexual exploits to wild laughter
Death of the village dating service that was the disco
Stomach politics: Blame high cost of unga on ignorance
Why they should let Nasa have parallel vote tallying centre
Life and times of a cockerel:They wake up,dash after nearest hen.No dates, no kisses. Just a marathon and bang; they get laid
Why western Kenya politicians do not eat nyama ya kondoo
Juicy gossip that light up barbershops, salons
Why most Kenyans are lonely ought to be on suicide watch
Tips on how to seduce a Kenyan girl in Chinese
10 qualities of a perfect wife
Folly of micromanaging your wife and policing her like a kid
Riswa! Shetani Ashindwe: If only Jesus was a Kenyan pastor
Kenyans, we've become so lazy we even steal children
Why I am going to start circumcision consultancy business in South Africa
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