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Man kills self at girl's home on suspicion she dumped him
Woman charged with threatening to kill co-wife for cheating on their hubby
Meet street children who defied odds to post impressive KCPE results
Court drama: Magistrate, lawyer caught up in love and property row
Chinese contractor narrates how he was accosted, robbed of Sh3 million
Terror: Students narrate how they were robbed, raped for two hours
Kakamega: Son in the dock for attempting to rape his mother
Man gets 15 years for raping daughter in Kakamega
Kakamega man charged with killing his father with ‘jembe’ over ugali
Kakamega: Boy, 14, kills friend in 'mchongoano' gone awry
Did Kakamega man kill wife over bottle of milk?
Chicken worth Sh600 lands Mudavadi in trouble
Teen detained over claims she killed pupil
Student in suspected love triangle denies stabbing colleague
Love triangle? Student accused of stabbing colleague held
Double tragedy after man is found dead hours to mother’s burial
Mother, 18-year-old son to stand trial for murder of her husband
Wife in court over suspicion she conspired to kill husband
Man charged with killing his friend over Sh60 debt
Old couple charged with destroying jirani’s door
Chilling ‘Masinde Muliro University suicide note’ forwarded to DCI
Young woman sent packing for scalding hubby with hot water
Hakuna file: Dismissed KDF soldier in tears as case drags 15 years later
Jail time for Kakamega woman who bit off mother-in-law’s finger
Boy confesses killing uncle with piece of wood after quarrel
Man charged with killing wife after she 'came home drunk'
Man in court, charged with raping three women
Sh1,460 ‘bangi’ gets Kakamega woman Sh80,000 fine
3 held for murder of man who 'hit on' their friend's girlfriend at funeral
Drama as murder suspect asks judge for fare back home
Did Vihiga teenager kill his brother for serving him ugali on dirty plate?
Kakamega youth 'making love' at new fountain
Boy held for stabbing brother to death in quarrel over dirty plate
Kakamega man successfully sues and divorces cheating wife
Kakamega pastor arrested, charged with raping mother of one
Woman bites off neighbour's forehead for 'stealing her husband'
Student in court for allegedly killing classmate over flash disk
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