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Nyanza MP denied chance to speak at funeral over record
Randy governor busted with 'slay queen', forced to flee
Marriage of CS on the rocks over Sh120 million deal with 'clande'
City lawmaker in deep illicit love affair with ward rep
Opposition figure secretly backing Mariga in Kibra
Bar brawl: Jubilee politician bites girlfriend’s ear
Woman who faked own death after conning doctor millions arrested
Love triangle? Jubilee MP's daughter dumped at city club
MP beaten by wife after being caught cheating with house help
Detectives link senior Nakuru cop to car theft syndicate
MP living large after conning tycoon of Sh450 million
Governors give Sh5 million for people to be ferried back
Rift Valley MP under siege over Sh700,000 fuel debt
Scuffle as two governors caught up in love triangle
Deputy governor faces eviction in rent row
MPs caught making out in an office near Parliament
Graft purge forces Rift Valley governor to act
‘Tough’ governor embarrasses himself aboard aeroplane
Ministry official pockets his juniors’ allowances
MP marred by controversy seeks help from Tanzanian witchdoctor
 Married MP spotted getting cosy at city joint with student
Judicial officer bumps onto colleague cheating at city hideout
Daring cattle rustlers raid home of powerful CS, steal dairy cows
MCA causes a stir with huge donation, eclipses area MP
Powerful Jubilee politician takes back former lover, buys her posh house
Governor planning to buy landmark building?
MP jolted by list of shame, thrashes report painting her as 'lazy'
Loaded senator causes ruckus at airstrip after losing cash
Two ODM MPs become butt of jokes for ‘recycling’ clothes
Rift Valley MCA abandons family to move in with lover
Tanga Tanga MPs ignore Uhuru’a tough talk
Vocal MP’s pregnancy sets tongues wagging
Besieged MP pays the price for attacking leader
Love-stick senator and MP ‘fight’ over beauty
MP ditches Ruto, warms up to Raila
MP embarrassed by pregnant girlfriend
Governor-woman rep cozy relationship a puzzle
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