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Oscars nominees told Zoom not an option
25 priests, 60 nuns die in Tanzania in two months
Bobi Wine: The untold story of the inimitable ‘Ghetto President’
New Year's celebrations subdued around the world by Covid-19
Seven ways to get through, and enjoy, Christmas festivities on your own
Chimamanda book voted winner for best Women's Prize
Britney Spears loses bid to remove father from conservatorship
Why the Church of England adores Rihanna, Beyoncé
Hotel Rwanda film hero arrested on terror charges
Shenzhen becomes first Chinese city to ban consumption of dogs, cats
Woman born without vagina speaks out in move to fight stigma
Flamboyant son of Africa’s longest-serving leader fined Sh3.2b
Lesotho First Lady charged with murdering husband's ex-wife
Why Naomi Campbell wants Grammy Afro-beats category
 VP's estranged wife charged with attempting to murder him
Bungei opens up on how alcoholism ravaged his retirement
Storm in Zimbabwe over naming of 10 streets after Mnangagwa
Rift between Museveni and Bobi Wine widens, plays out in fiery interview
82-year-old man overjoyed after wife, 73, gives birth to twins
Actress to be 'jailed' for attending dinner with Vladimir Putin
Pop music: Does it express more anger and sadness?
'Fake First Lady' arrested after gaining access to presidential complex
Managers at Chinese firm force staff to eat cockroaches, drink urine
Janet Jackson opens up on her struggles to find happiness, becoming a mother
Chinese baby born four years after parents' death
Dangers in the bathroom: Six things that could kill you
Racial harassment: Briton Mo Farah posts video showing guard harassing him
Craving mashakura? This is what your food cravings really mean
 Busted: Six ways on how to smell and spot a liar
The rise of porn: Eight ways on how it is changing behaviour, relationships and desires
Huge bums: The new craze sweeping Sudanese women in their quest to be curvaceous
 Men, rearing children while you are old could cause psychiatric problems to your offspring – Research
Michelle Obama speaks out on why she won’t be vying for President of United States
Change of guard: Dealing with a new boss at work
Having a 'work spouse' makes you happier
The hidden sexism in workplace
If you're over 40, working more than 25 hours a week could be affecting your intelligence, new research suggests
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