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 Shock and joy for mourners after ‘dead man resurrects’ in Embu
Embu: Why slain woman and daughter were buried at night
Group started by shoe shiners, porters building Sh80 million plaza
Outrage over revelations hospital bought 50 beds at Sh50,000 each
Embu sisters kill father after he used brother’s funeral cash for alcohol
Driver jailed for six years after students take drugs in bus
Return Knut property or face arrest, Wilson Sossion told
Man caught stealing from pastor found dead in police cell
An emotional De’Matthew cried just before the road accident
Embu: Where 'the dead' appear in board meetings
How planting these popular crops can secure your retirement
Police, army toy vehicles earn University of Embu student decent income
Kenya’s strongest man laid to rest in Embu
‘Tiger Power’ discovered his extraordinary strength by accident
Governor Wambora condemns lynching of his bodyguard, calls for justice
Spare us from wearing helmets: Akorino faithful’s plea
Meet man who sells eggs from Mercedes, employs masters students to hawk 'mayai'
Why Embu men prefer gayism to circumcised girls
13-year-old boy sodomises nine children in Embu
Man chops off manhood using scissors, bleeds to death in Embu
 Villagers pelt crocodile with stones after snatching girl at Kiambere dam
Shock as man wipes out family in suspected love triangle
Why Embu parents don't buy panties for their girls
Passport shower: 10 peculiar Kenyan habits when it rains
Outrage in Embu after MCAs spend Sh12 million on a bonding trip to Arusha
Muguka Probox: The speeding killer coffins of Meru
Dont use tithe to drink alcohol, bishop warns priests
Embu man walks out of dowry ceremony, cites extortion, unnecessary fines
10 reasons kibanda is better than five star hotel
Impressive: The top school where all 55 candidates scored over 400 marks!
On fire: man torches parents’ house for rejecting his wife-to-be
Shock as woman bites off man’s ear for ‘tuning’ her teenage daughter
Uhuru awards Sh500,000 to brothers who built 'ground aeroplane'
Love triangle: Woman arrested after allegedly setting rival on fire
Ferocious bees prevent locals from stealing maize from a lorry at an accident scene
10 things a Kenyan drunkard can’t say ‘no’ to
Shame of the week: Conductor behind woman's loss of Sh18,000 mtumba bale in Embu matatu
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