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Libya slave trade: They are auctioning Africans, in 2017!
Why wives make better cheaters
Too many men but not enough husbands: Why it’s hard for single mums
The githeri man: Tale of trending overnight celeb
Men like Miguna, Abduba Dida are odd balls: Kenyans prefer the devil they know
Sad how the Kenyan bridge is falling down
I find my oppressors’ and abusers’ lack of kindness disturbing
Navigating Kenya’s perennial politics of fear and violence
Politics of ugali: Sad irony of Kenya importing her staple food
Missing bigger picture: Kenya's greatest export and how we underrate their acts of patriotism
How to deal with recurring case of ‘electile dysfunction’
New government delivery portal: Jubilee PR machine in overdrive?
This woman, Stella Nyanzi: A freak in public and a lady in private?
Curious case of Joho and 'D' students: Proof good exam grades are overrated?
Kalamashaka: Ghetto trio that fired up Kenya's music industry
Prayer can be a most dangerous thing
What our public toilets say about state of the nation
Too much comedy but no one's laughing, what happened to all the good jokers?
Of bullying in schools and the alpha male complex
What foods Kenyans eat say about them and men's love affair with meat
Chapati Movement: Proof we’re eating ourselves into a new social identity?
Deep shame, guilt, emasculation and anger caused by infertility in men
Welcome to post truth era of alternative facts, nonsense, lies and exaggerations
My man in Somalia: Cry of woman who was to wed fallen soldier tomorrow
How Facebook will kill your relationship
Of God and the culture of vanity
Doctors strike: Touching tale of a watchman's agony
Blame massive voter apathy on politicians’ unfulfilled promises
What foods Kenyans eat say about them and men's love affair with meat
Tale of dry Nairobi taps: Water has no enemy but it has owners
Best of 2016: What I discovered as I tried to find the human in the Kenyan
With our sick healthcare, when symptoms persist, plan for funeral
Unraveling masculinity puzzle: What it entails to be a real man
Odd tale of how men end up as innocent victims of gender profiling
Gender sensitivity: Postcard from village where locals embrace equity
Why Trump's election was a big middle finger to the "rigged" American system
'Shenzi' thieves: Why graft cartels need a thievery guild
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