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Digital disorder: Youths now losing jobs and education due to video gaming
Nigerian songstress Yemi Alade arrives ahead of Choma na Ngoma
All eyes on Akothee’s daughter Celly Rue Brown
The smallest smartphone is here- Sh 6000 and you enjoy 4G
Kenya’s reigning beauty queen set to leave for Asia next week
 Lies celebrities tell
Trouble: Singer Bahati flees Kisii violence
7 types of girls you need to avoid while on the rave
They left a gun in my car! Chilling confessions of Taxi drivers
Victoria Beckham’s Kisumu confessions
Respect my hustle-Provoke tells Octopizzo
Beaten at my own game by my Ex
Mr World Kenya Kevin Oduor tops in the UK
Pwani celebz awards CEO Anita to co-host Mseto East Africa TV show
Obama's big "No please" to lawyer Kiprono who offered 50 cows to marry Malia
Actress Lizz Njagah: I am seven months pregnant
Businessman Jared Otieno and Kendi Mwiti finally wed
Jamaican singer Konshens sneaks in and out of Nairobi
Store 66 Sensation event showcase sensual wear
Jamaican dancehall singer Mavado coming to Kenya
Sauti Sol thanks President Obama for ‘Lipala’
Singer Sugar and Phoenix CEO Brian Okemo wedding finally here
Happy birthday to Classic's Maina Kageni
Shame as volleyball queens catch 'matatus' home after continental win
Singer Jaguar supports Mututho in Sh99m Nacada scandal
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