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Who is this Mr Cartel disturbing President Uhuru?
Barrack Muluka: Is DP Ruto dancing himself lame before the real dance?
DP Ruto loose tongue will stop him from being 'Rais' - Barrack Muluka
Baba left Nasarites in Egypt, went alone to Canaan
History repeats itself: Why Ruto ambition is his Achille’s heel
Why Raila Odinga is Kenya’s political snail
Feminine Canaan: Welcome your excellency, Madam Governor
 We are in the twilight of a political era
If Raila Odinga were to become the president . . .
The unholy trinity: Juju, propaganda and politics
Is Africa the heart of darkness?
Kenyans love stealing and admire thieves
Universities churning scavengers for food and woolly materialism
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