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Why Meru men walk around with pangas
Why Chuka men would rather die than set foot in the kitchen
Waitress who returned Sh60, 000 she picked in hotel earns praise
Woman dies after eating honey laced with killer substance
Isiolo: Drunk chops off tip of his member to get rid of itch
Meru: Seven men kidnap woman, attempt to circumcise her
Man wants former KTDA chairman body exhumed for DNA test
Meru Museum: Crocodile farmers to receive eggs soon
Pain as boy is circumcised a second time by thugs
You can chew kangeta, it’s not a drug - Theresa May
Meru ‘weed’ smoker reports his ‘improved economic status’ to police
Meru man cries for help after younger brother elopes with his wife
Meru clan banishes couple, accuses wife of disrespecting in-laws
Powerful clan banishes couple from village, bans contact
Kenya’s youngest MP held me by my neck over protest, activist
Don’t buy ngothas for your wives, says Governor Kiraitu Murungi
Family of Meru’s richest man fight over his property
Uhuru, please ‘flatten’ Mount Kenya- Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi
Chief wants anger management classes for short-tempered Merus
 Swearing in Raila as president is treason, warns group
Police arrest man for forcibly circumcising his wife in Meru
Devastating! Shamba boy kills 7-year-old girl and brutalizes 5-year-old boy after being denied teen's hand in marriage
Njuri Ncheke curse wheelchair-bound ODM operative over Sh530, 000
When you have a boss from hell
The healing touch: Motivation behind Mercy starting one of the biggest charities in Meru county
The ‘mbus’ is here! Hop onto the Meru ‘bar bus’ for a drink
Meru 'Media mogul' splashes Sh35 million on a Hummer limousine
Why Meru women make the best wives and come with a 20 year guarantee
Just call me Rachael- Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi
Zalisha bibi: one son not enough, MP told to fill the earth
I will shock Kiraitu by beating him in 2017 - Governor Munya
Meru matatus are the miraa of traffic police
I’m not too old to be Meru Governor- Kiraitu Murungi responds to Peter Munya’s claim he should retire from politics
Two beauties leave Meru voters a ‘confused’, but happy lot
Jobs with highest probability of men and women who cheat on their partners
Why Meru will always vote with Central Kenya
'Mbus' woes: Will Meru leaders dump Mount Kenya in 2017?
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